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These are the old archives for Beyond Victoriana blog series, which has now moved to:

The old archives have also been transferred and can be found on the Site Index. Please link back to these posts, and update your bookmarks accordingly.

Note as of April 4, 2017: My Livejournal account has been deleted and so links to LJ have also been removed.

The Index

#1 Technology Eastward DW
#2 The Great Nemo Debate DW
#3 Boilerplate: Readdressing the Victorian Era DW
#4 "For Science!" in the Muslim World DW
#5 The Wild, Wild East DW
#6 A Chat About Brazilian Steampunk with Bruno Accioly DW
#7 Yinka Shonibare MBE: Revealing the Transnationality of Culture DW
#8 Captain Sakuragi's Underwater Warship DW
#9 First Nation Sci-Fi & Technology Resources DW
#10 An Interview with Sunday Driver DW
#11 From One Other to (An)other: Review for Jaclyn Dolamore's Magic Under Glass DW
#12 Sneak Peek at Steampunk Comic "The Seven" DW
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition: Odds & Ends #1 DW
#13 Black Victoriana and Thensome DW
#14 The Wind-Up GirlGuest Review by Jaymee Goh DW
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition: Odds & Ends #2 DW
#15 Ghosts and the MachineA Review of Dan Simmons' Black Hills DW
#16 Post-Apocalyptic Math Musical! The Hidden Sky DW
#17 The Semantics of Words & the Antics of Fashion: Addressing "Victorientalism" DW

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