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Dec. 20th, 2014 06:17 pm
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Alive! Slightly awake.

Watched four movies on the plane: The Hundred-Foot Journey (loved it!), Guardians of the Galaxy (liked it all right), How To Train Your Dragon 2 (better than I expected), and Hercules (it was okay, but I agree with all the critics that it was hella white).

When I got into Incheon I made a cot out of two chairs and passed out for three hours. Still waking up. Need a shower quite desperately. Then I'll go get some food. There's a transit hotel lounge here which does a mean buffet spread that has never disappointed me. And I'll read. See you on the other side, internet!

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Dec. 19th, 2014 10:30 pm
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- Woke up at 9am today, with only 6 hours sleep. Had to wash my hair.

- Ate just a noodle for lunch in anticipation of a dinner at some hotel with a new friend.

- Did some last minute cleaning, left the apartment at 2pm, caught the 2.25 bus downtown to the train station. It had to be re-routed because of some closure on Uni Ave.

- Train line was super long, because one of the machines was damn finicky and of course I got it. Took me three tries with all my available cards.

- Sat close to a chatty senior undergrad who, idk, had "rube" written all over her forehead, to hear her tell the ish she'd gone through the entire quarter. Tried to explain what I did, and she was enthused but started talking and I'm not sure I understood her sentences from start to finish. And I'm usually pretty good at deciphering these sorts of things.

- The Flyaway to LAX took almost an hour with the traffic. I kept texting the friend over and over, because I couldn't remember which hotel we were going to meet at. Couldn't check in early so I had to lug my luggage with me to wait for the shuttle.

- I got onto a shuttle that serves two hotels but didn't understand it. Didn't matter because the friend had thrown his back and couldn't make it down.

- Determined to make the best of it anyway. Ended up at the Westin. Had shrimp, a glass of wine, some fries, a brownie. Had a very nice waiter. A very expensive dinner.

- Caught the shuttle back to LAX, checked in, went through security. My cookies went through! So... now waiting for the flight. Developing a headache. Really want to sleep. Not looking forward to 13 hours of sitting. Too much sitting. Sigh.

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Dec. 19th, 2014 03:00 am
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- I think I'm packed and ready.

- I baked cookies tonight for my dad. Sigh.

- Worms seem to be doing okay. I covered them with their cloth and I'm confident they'll be okay while I'm gone.

- Went out for dinner at Sushiya with some friends.

- Looks like the only reasonable train to Los Angeles is at 3pm, which means leaving the house around 2pm with my luggage. Bah! I'll get to the airport around 6pm. So unreasonable! I wonder if LAX has anything decent to eat. Maybe I should wander around Union Station for food first.

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Dec. 18th, 2014 02:35 pm
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If "postcolonial" becomes the sexy new catchphrase to replace "multicultural" I may well kill a puppy.

No, just because a POC does it doesn't make it postcolonial, ffs.


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Dec. 18th, 2014 06:22 am
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So, some of you may have seen on Facebook that our apartment flooded early Monday morning. (Toilet exploded, but mostly water from the tank, only a little of the other.)

We've been scrubbing and drying and etc., for days and we seem to have salvaged our rugs by quick action -- thank goodness we don't have carpeting (which I hate anyway but I also hate our tile floors but I'm extra-happy we weren't able to lay wood floors just yet). Luckily, this is finals week and since I teach a writing class, it just means I'm further behind on grading than I'd expected, but I'll make it no problem. Yesterday I had to go in for portfolio review, but that meant M took off from work and frankly I'm sure made more progress than I'd have done (I came home to an almost-restored apartment; we'll finish the living room probably this evening, and today besides grading, I've just got to wash the kitchen floor and do some laundry which is mostly non-crisis-related).

Of course, my Yuletide story is due in at 1pm on Saturday, and I'm a bit worried -- well, I'm already at 800 and some odd words, so I'll make the deadline, but it's not going to be everything I wanted it to be. (My idea is COMPLETELY AWESOME; it's an unexpected crossover of the two fandoms we matched on.) Is it ok to leave a note to my recipient and etc. explaining and then adding a link to a longer version that I get written over winter break, do you think?

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Dec. 17th, 2014 09:58 pm
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- I tried to go to sleep early last night but it didn't take.. I tossed and turned until 1am.

- Went to campus today, and just as I was getting started, my prof popped in to collect the exams. I graded them all (she was expecting to do half) and so now she gets to do the fun part of calculating grades. I also brought home my mini-rose from my office and recruited a few worms from the outdoor bin (which were huddled into a ball) into the rose pot, where I hope they will do some good work rejuvenating it.

- It was my friend Eric's birthday today! I had meant to wait until I saw him again to mention that I got an extra print of Afua Richardson's illustration of "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" but I thought, since it's his birthday, why not tell him now. He was super pleased with the present! We went to Back to the Grind to hang out, then went for a dinner at a nearby restaurant.

- Tomorrow I intend to do laundry and pack, and then meet some friends for drinks.

Wednesday Reading

Dec. 17th, 2014 01:31 pm
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Posting from an airport, on my tablet. Today's reading, in print, is Ernie Pyle's War by James Tobin. It is well-regarded for good reason, I think.

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Dec. 16th, 2014 09:11 pm
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I finished my blouse! My whole outfit is done! I added an elastic into the hem in order to create a floofier effect.

Stayed home all day today. Tomorrow I'll go to campus, finish calculating grades, hand it off to the professor, bring home my rose plant so that it doesn't wither in my office while I'm gone.

More things accomplished!

Dec. 16th, 2014 09:05 am
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I got a haircut after work yesterday, not the best one I've had there because my usual person wasn't in, but all right. Then I really, really did not want to go to the gym. Absolutely Did Not Want, despite having gone only twice last week and getting a push from my doctor last week. I went through a whole list of excuses and mental whining, but in the end I couldn't think of anything else I absolutely had to do instead, and the gym was right there. So I went, feeling ill-used.

I spent an hour on the elliptical, for a total of 4.27 miles (including the couple of minutes of cooldown). That's easier when I have something interesting but not too challenging to read, and also the right music. Then I did some bench press and tricep exercises with dumbbells. And then I was really tired and went home, but I did feel better afterwards, just as I had tried to convince myself earlier. And I slept well. So go me.

After work, I have rehearsal tonight until 10 pm, then I need to finish up my packing, i.e., cram shirts and jeans into a compression bag, and make sure my knapsack has all my devices and their associated charging cords. And I need to sort out what makeup I'm bringing, as I forgot about that until I woke up at five this morning. Luckily, my flight isn't that early.

I was looking forward to watching this season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but apparently they have killed off the new character in whom I was most interested. Bastards! I will pretend he is not dead, because in comics, who is ever dead? Also I want to catch up on Forever.

I'm traveling back the day before Christmas Oratorio dress rehearsals, but that seems a really long way away right now.
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[personal profile] ceitfianna asked about Cassie and living with a cat.

Cassie = Cassiopeia River [LastName], my almost-six-year-old gray tabby that I adopted in March of 2010. Much like her middle namesake, she's skittish, has a traumatic past, eats bugs, and loves bare feet. Unlike said namesake, she will not claw you to death if you displease her. (Lucky me!)

I don't actually know the full details of her past. I just know that, from the way she reacts to certain things -- brooms, especially, or anything crinkly-sounding that might be mistaken for a newspaper being rolled up -- her previous owners didn't treat her well. She was surrendered to the Washington Animal Rescue League when she was a year old, and quickly developed a reputation as one of those incredibly shy cats who'd take a little extra work to get adopted. I wouldn't have noticed her if a staff member hadn't suggested I spend some time with her.

So I took a seat on one of the little benches in their cat room. The staff member brought Cassie over and gently deposited her in my lap.

Immediately, Cassie curled into a little fluffy crescent without making a sound. Two minutes later, as I stroked her back, she untucked one paw just enough to hook it over my knee as if to say, Mine. Stay.

The cat chooses you, as they say. I brought her home a week later.

It took a long time, and a hell of a lot of patience, before she came out of her shell. If she wasn't ready to do something? Okay. We'll wait and try again later. The first time she willingly let me reach down to pet her, the first time she jumped onto the couch to hang out with me, the first time I felt her curl up behind my knees as I fell asleep: each moment felt like a tiny victory. She still hates being picked up (which I don't force unless I need to get her into her cat carrier), and she's more likely to lounge next to me than hop into my lap, but...so often, all I have to do to make her purr is sit down next to her. My presence alone is enough to make her that happy.

Everybody might insist cats are assholes, but that's love right there. I don't care what you say.

Things Accomplished

Dec. 15th, 2014 09:05 am
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1. Did laundry.

2. Packed for December travel.

3. Moved episodes of "Forever" and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." onto my netbook, to take on my trip.

4. Bought a romantic suspense ebook for travel reading; picked a nonfiction book for same, one that I can leave at the other end when I'm done.

5. Saturday night, went out with friends to an outdoor flea market in the courtyard of a local bed and breakfast. We bought tickets to exchange for food, part of a charity fundraiser: I had half of a grilled cheese sandwich, squash soup in a cup, lavender hot chocolate, and two s'mores (yum!). There were a couple of outdoor fireplaces (gas ring) with chairs for sitting. We left just before my feet decided they were frozen and went to a pizza place down the street for a while.

6. Sunday, played with the Adorable Tots and made lentil-barley soup and went book-shopping, followed by dinner with more friends.

7. Did not forget to pick up my hemmed corduroys at the dry cleaner.

8. Had another chestnut praline latte at Starbucks, this time without whipped cream. It is better with the whipped cream.

9. Changed sheets.

10. Made January appointments for mammogram and colonoscopy.

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Dec. 15th, 2014 12:05 am
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- Finished grading the exams today! All of them. They were painful. I haven't counted the grades yet but not sure if I should since there were a couple of questions which I'm not sure about. I might calculate them all anyway then hand it off to the prof for her to double-check if she wants.

- Starting my blouse today. Wow these are some big sleeves. I'll have to learn how to gather this time, oh dear. I've never made a blouse before so this should be interesting.

- Checked my worm bin today. Turns out just dumping a crapload of frozen stuff into the bin is not great--it went anaerobic and smelled really weird. I can't tell what the hell caused the smell... most of it seemed to come from the eggshells. There's some other stuff which I'm sure contributed to it, but I have no idea what. I removed pretty much everything that smelled remotely strange, and found a few dead worms as well, which makes me sad. Also one which I think would have developed protein poisoning (they get this weird "string of pearls" effect... because their bodies can't process the protein) and moved it to a safer side of the bin.

I'm not sure how much of it is just stuff that shouldn't have been in the bin in the first place, and how much of it is that there is kind of a profusion of stuff for it to breathe properly. I'll go poking around in a couple more days to find out.
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[personal profile] saramily asked: What are your feelings on preserving EVERYTHING vs preserving important stuff and how do you decide?

This is a legit question that gets bandied around in preservation a lot! The short version: you can't save everything, and trying to hit that sweet spot of "what's important enough to save" can end up being a moving target.

The longer version! )

December Talking Meme: Ficlet!

Dec. 12th, 2014 09:20 pm
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IT'S THE WEEKEND. HALLELUJAH. Let's celebrate with an overdue meme response for [personal profile] hannah:

The town of Pawnee, Indiana learns that more often than not, having superpowers is just a pain in the ass.

''Babe, you're adorable when you're being creepy.'' )

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Dec. 12th, 2014 10:47 am
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So apparently even when I leave myself in a REM sleep to finish off a dream it still won't finish itself. How annoying!

Weird dream is weird )

Could be a cool story.

9 Things I Do Every Day

Dec. 12th, 2014 08:59 am
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1. Brush my teeth.
2. Refill the water glass on my bedside table.
3. Read.
4. Listen to my Brain Radio (Bach today, again).
5. Think through the things I should do today.
6. Drink coffee.
7. Put sunscreen on my face.
8. Log in to Flight Rising and admire my digital dragons.
9. Read in bed.

Messiah Interruptus

Dec. 11th, 2014 09:07 am
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We did part one of Handel's "Messiah" last night, plus "Hallelujah," but it's already gone out of my head, replaced by the greatest hits of Bach's Xmas Oratorio, which is our big New Year's Eve performance.

Last night's ticketed performance was sponsored by several of our singers; ticket prices were to support our "pay as you wish" Bach at 7 series of cantatas for the spring.

We have one more non-dress rehearsal for Xmas Oratorio. The next day, I leave for a family visit, arriving back the day before our two massive dress rehearsals and the performance. Guess what I'll have on the MP3 player during my trip?

Sort of Wednesday Reading

Dec. 10th, 2014 09:17 am
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Most of what I read in the last week was fanfiction, and most of it blurred together, except this one - more sort-of meta for Captain America: This One's For Bravery and This One's For Me by hansbekhart, in which Steve goes on Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. It's third in the "Collected Bones of All Kinds" series. It's a bit mushy, but, well. I like this author.

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