May. 25th, 2015 05:37 pm
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The most useful thing I did today was prep for post-endosteal implant (the endodontist appointment is tomorrow).

Step one: buy ice cream. Complete! I bought both vanilla and green tea Haagen Daz (neither one has chewy bits).

Step two: make red lentil soup with no chewy bits, i.e., barley. I might puree it as well, just in case.

Step three: panic! ...oh wait, I've been doing that for a couple of weeks now.


I am told it is not that horrible a procedure. I will just be glad when it's over.

Where is my War Guitar?!

May. 24th, 2015 07:19 pm
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I have seen Mad Max: Fury Road and though I still miss Wiscon, the movie did cheer me up. From now on, I would like to be preceded everywhere by a War Guitar and four War Drummers upon a tricked-out truck.

Minor vague spoilers follow.

Lots of things blew up real good, and there were bonus multiple women blowing things up (and getting dramatically killed) and rebelling against their objectification. I was surprised that I felt for the crazed War Boy played by Nicholas Hoult, who had drawn smiley faces in pen on his two shoulder tumors; kudos to the actor for that, because I was engaged with him from his first appearance.

I want a movie that is nothing but tough old women with guns and motorcycles. Someone made that movie, please.

I am not sure what Tom Hardy's accent was meant to be half the time. Sometimes it was clearly meant to sound Australian; other times his vowels appeared to have been blown up somewhere back there on the road. Or maybe this was some variety of Australian accent I simply didn't recognize. He sounded like he'd swallowed gravel for the whole movie, a very real possibility given how much dust and sand was blowing around.

Charlize Theron did not appear to be attempting any sort of Australian accent, so far as I could tell. She was awesome, and her character, Imperator Furiosa, was the true hero of the movie, and the most selfless of the characters as well. Max was selfless to a point because his self had been destroyed and nothing was left for him but survival; helping others along the way was lagniappe, and took too much effort to escape. Furiosa deliberately chose to risk herself for others, despite being in a relative position of power when the movie began. Also, her name is in the title.

A comment I saw on Twitter (I think) - is Furiosa in a position of power partly because she is missing part of one arm? If she had two hands, would she, too, have been relegated to breeding "perfect" babies for Immortan Joe? She and her mother were kidnapped from elsewhere when she was a child, presumably for that future purpose. It's not addressed in the movie if she lost the lower portion of her arm in battle, or never had it because she was born that way. When she's not wearing the prosthetic, the arm is shown to taper towards its end, which could indicate she never formed that hand. A couple of times in the movie, the prosthetic is more useful than a natural hand would be. Furiosa's hand could be the topic of an interesting essay.

My friends and I were wondering if Immortan Joe was actually capable of siring healthy children, and if he had chosen his uniformly slim and attractive breeders because of his own ego rather than actual genetic compatibility or physical hardiness. Also, why hadn't fatness become the desirable trait, in a land where food is at a premium? And why were all the women serving as milch cows fat? And why were there so few dark-skinned people? Or were there supposed to be more, but they were hidden beneath white paint or layers of clothing?

Fury Road is movie as spectacle, and I am okay with that. It asks you to suspend your disbelief, and it rewards that suspension for the length of the spectacle.

(no subject)

May. 23rd, 2015 04:16 pm
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At my parents for my dad's 84th. Had dinner with some friends last night, which was lovely. Poor dad is exhausted today, though. We've decided it's better he do things and be tired than to try to protect him from everything. The restaurant we went to, the Old Orchard, is someplace we've been going to since my parents moved to WNY. It was the birthday place through the 80s and 90s. My great aunt loved it.

After awhile, though, we stopped going. We went once and the menu seemed really stodgy. But we started again for my dad's birthday a few years ago. I'll never love it as much as the Roycroft Inn, but it's a little less pricey and it has many memories attached.

I also went for a drive, which is rare for me, as we don't have a car. (Living in Manhattan and all, no point.) I handle the car well, still, but I definitely feel more nervous driving than I used to do. I told my mom I need to drive more when I visit them. I don't have many other chances -- when M and I rent a car, he generally drives and I'm happy to let him, and if I'm visiting someone outside of the city, it's their car so they drive . . .

Dad is definitely slowing down. He's having more trouble finding words, and moving even slower, than he did when I was up in January. As always, the resolution is to come more often. And then life gets in the way. I'll be up again in August.

Ups and Downs

May. 22nd, 2015 08:46 am
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1. Dayjob is closing at 3 pm today!

2. I have my dayjob performance review today.

3. I played softball on Wednesday!

4. My arm is still a bit sore.

5. It's WisCon!

6. Instead of going to WisCon, on Tuesday I'm having oral surgery for a molar implant. (I originally typed "moral implant.")

7. The weather is nice!

8. The air is full of pollen, and the pollen hates me.

9. Dayjob is closing at 3 pm today!


May. 21st, 2015 10:39 am
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I was really into playing softball as a kid, but then I stopped when I got to high school, and except for half a semester in college, haven't gone back.

A little while ago, I read something that said you should do something that scares you to get yourself out of a rut. I was indeed scared; not only has it been a long time, I am much fatter and more out of shape than I was as a kid (aren't most of us?), plus my throwing arm now has a wonky elbow from being broken. I was scared just throwing would be painful, or snap something. I was scared of being the oldest/fattest/most incompetent player. So when, a few weeks late, I finally read a dayjob email message about signing up for intramural softball, I did it. Then I worried about all the things that scared me, and started searching for my glove, and repeatedly tried to convince myself to back out.

I didn't tell anyone. At all. Until yesterday morning, the day of the first game. It turned out I knew 3 or 4 people who were playing, and I walked over with a couple of them, one from my office and one from an office nearby. That helped. About 20 people showed up for our team, but the other team hadn't gotten organized and didn't show up, so we won by forfeit. We had the field for an hour, so we split in half and played. And I had fun! I haven't been in that kind of zone for a while, and it was a great relief.

My throwing was fine. The only pain today is muscle pain. Swinging the bat did hurt a bit, but nothing popped horribly in my elbow, so that should be okay as well. Mostly, it's my hamstrings that are tight today, from playing catcher in a crouch.

I note that my glove is older than many of my fellow players (I was maybe 9 when I got it).

Intramural rules are a little weird, I think to facilitate a fast game with lots of hitting, as well for safety reasons. You pitch to your own team, and aren't allowed to field their hits - there's a "defensive pitcher" for that. I pitched, which was easy since you want the people to hit the ball rather than prevent them from doing so; it was weird restraining myself from catching things I could have caught. Each batter gets two pitches and if you don't hit one, you've struck out (bad pitches or not!). And you can't block bases with your body.

I'm going to miss next week, because of the oral surgery, but I will definitely go back. I want to play second base if no one else claims it. I want to remember how to hit (I was never the world's finest hitter). I want to try to get some more distance with my throws.

I did something that scared me, and in the end it was fun.

WisCon39 Schedule

May. 20th, 2015 03:20 pm
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Here's my schedule for this WisCon!

Bridging the Generation Gap at WisCon
Sat, 1:00–2:15 pm, Capitol A
One of WisCon's greatest strengths is its generational diversity. For one weekend a year, feminist fans of all ages come together to share their common interests, from today's teens and tweens all the way through millennials, Generation X, baby boomers, and beyond. But despite the close confines of the Concourse hotel, inter-generational mingling is sometimes limited, and divides over media popularity, waves of feminism, different reactions to "fails", and how to "do" fandom can sometimes split the community. How does the perspective on these things change if you're 70, 50, 30, 20? This panel seeks to interrogate how and why these divides happen, and how we might bridge those gaps so that WisCon-goers of all ages can learn from each other.
Fellow Panelists: Eileen Gunn (M), Pat Murphy, Orange Mike, Jackie M

Intersectionality Is Not a Crossroads, It's a Venn Diagram
Sat, 4:00–5:15 pm, Capitol B
We talk a lot about intersectionality these days, but the concept is often confused with a hierarchy of oppression. Let's talk about the origins of the word, and what is meant by it.
Fellow panelists: Victor Raymond (M), Moondancer Drake, Beth Plutchak

Identity outside the United States
Sun, 4:00–5:15 pm, Senate A
Most panels at WisCon are dominated by the perspective of those from the United States. How do people from other countries experience and talk about race, culture, ethnicity, and the other issues we regularly discuss?
Fellow panelists: SoosheBot (M), Alex Gurevich

Mulan Movie Marathon
Sun, 8:45 pm–Mon, 3:00 am, Conference 3
Most people are familiar with Disney's Mulan, and this movie marathon will screen multiple versions of the same story, based on the famous Ballad of Mulan! We will start on familiar ground with the Disney movie, then straight into Jingle Ma's tearjerker, and finish with the Shaw Brothers's adaptation of the Huangmei Opera version. If you ever wanted to know how Mulan is represented in China, come and see!
Note: WEAR YOUR COMFY JAMMIES! And bring Kleenex.
I'm also looking for someone who has a laptop that can read Region 3 DVDs with a VGA hookup.

On Hugs:
I am hug-friendly. I am also a hug-giver (especially for POC). If you ask for a hug, I will give you a full-body hug. If you don't like full-body hugs, you probably should not touch me =(

On Food:
I am a meat-eater. I have a lot of issues with food texture, thus cannot eat vegetables as a result. I do like vegetable soup though. I also love sweeties, and I rather liked the hot chocolate at Michaelangelo's, the last time I was there!

On Pronouns:
I am cisgender so don't worry on my account here =)

Wednesday Reading

May. 20th, 2015 08:21 am
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I've been making good progress on A Companion to the Fairy Tale (2006) edited by Hilda Ellis Davidson and Anna Chaudhri. I'm up to the chapter about cumulative tales; the author is having a lot of fun with language while exploring the nuances of "The Pancake," "The Gingerbread Man," etc.. I especially enjoyed the chapter on helpers and adversaries, which gave me a lot of Thoughts about these figures in genre fiction. "Finding the First Fairy Tales" also gave me a lot to think about, and reminded me that one day I want to get back to reading Classics in translation.

In fanfiction this week, I absolutely loved Life Sentence by astolat, a Fast and Furious slash story with bonding. Trust me, it's excellent.

I read an excellent book for a preview for a new venue that's trying me out, but I can't give details.

Updates (chapter AND SEA STEAMPUNK!)

May. 20th, 2015 06:29 pm
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Firstly, a new chapter is up on Ming Zhu and The Pearl that Shines. Includes: recipe!

Secondly, THE SEA IS OURS has a Facebook page! Go, like, read, stuff! THE SEA IS OURS: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia.

Personally, the medication to combat this breast disease of mine is kicking my ass. The fatigue is enormous! If you want to help with the med fees (meds cause money), get my books. Or become a patreon for my Patreon. Note: new webserial.

So, that's my week at the moment.

don't act like you forgot

May. 19th, 2015 11:01 pm
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Today was rough on multiple levels.

So here, have some dance vids.

Yanis Marshall can dance in heels better than I can walk in flats. First time 'round it's him and Bobby Newberry; then the class takes it on. Jade (the girl front and center, is 15 and fierce.)

cut for this one and another one )

More Cleis Press News

May. 19th, 2015 10:40 am
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Yet more unhappiness with Cleis Press.

They were the first publisher to buy one of my stories. I have stuff in (possibly?) Cleis anthologies currently in some sort of limbo from last year - one is still TBA for publication date; the other was set for August, but now I don't know what will happen with that. (The story I just sold was for a Lethe anthology, not Cleis.)

Writing seems less and less worth it to me. Short story erotica markets are less common. Without more dedicated time, I can't keep up with the indie market, and my low enthusiasm level isn't helping me to produce, either.

My current hazy goal is to work on 15-20,000 word pieces, but I haven't put in much effort yet. Still trying to decide which vague project idea would be best.

I keep telling other writers that even if they're not writing right now, or not selling right now, they are still writers. *eyes self sternly, hands out same advice*

Wednesday Reading - On Monday!

May. 18th, 2015 09:02 am
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I never posted Wednesday Reading last week, but I don't want to lose track of these fanfiction recs!

hold me until we crumble by queenklu: Captain America's obsession with Antiques Roadshow to explore his depression about being adrift in the future. It has a happy ending.

Subjective Histories by Odsbodkins: Captain America's biography keeps getting delayed by S.H.I.E.L.D. due to certain revelations about Steve and Bucky.

The Hand-me-downers by Vehemently: a Dark Angel/Supernatural crossover which cleverly makes use of Jensen Ackles' roles in both shows. A middle-aged Dean Winchester believes Alec is his son. Alec knows otherwise.

Amateur Cartography by worksofstone: Hermione Granger appears to be having a summer fling with Draco Malfoy; she's in denial that to Draco, it's more.

another update

May. 16th, 2015 03:32 pm
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When I posted to my semi-secret derby-only FB account that I'd retired, something like four officials immediately camped out on the post, collective chins in hands, and said, "So. :D?" I still giggle about that.

I mean, I've been making noises about transitioning to the other side of the track for a while. My first SOT wrangler strongly encouraged us to help out as NSOs (non-skating officials -- so things like scorekeeping, penalty box timing, etc) whenever we were injured or otherwise off-skates. I discovered that I actually really enjoy that sort of thing; it keeps the analytical half of my brain engaged, the part that breathes a sigh of relief at Things Organized Neatly and enjoys sorting/re-tagging my jumbled Evernote account whenever I'm bored. And being a skating official? Analytical stuff plus zooming around the track? Sure, that sounds pretty sweet.

So earlier this month, I got in touch with the head ref about shadowing them during league scrimmages, with intent to join Team Zebra in the future.

This is how things went during my first scrimmage:

BUT. Here's the thing: unlike playing derby, I've got most of reffing's physical stuff down already. My backwards skating needs lots of work, yeah, but that just means some quality rink time on the weekends. I'm not slamming myself against a brick wall on a near-daily basis like I was as a skater. Health issues aside, mental challenges have always been way, way easier for me than physical ones.

(Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad I spent three years pushing myself a couple gazillion miles out of my comfort zone by playing derby. I credit it with a hell of a lot of personal growth, in addition to all that awesome muscle growth. But I always had to work twice as hard to be half as good on the track, and that is exhausting, y'all.)

Reffing is like a fun logic puzzle. I can see the pieces so clearly, even if I can't fit them all together yet. And god, that feels so good after fumbling my way through the dark as a skater. I'm not a hundred percent committed yet, but, uh, I also bought a couple whistles and the pocket WFTDA rulebook this week, so who the hell am I kidding. >.>

New adventures, heigh-ho. Maybe I can still get that derby tattoo I wanted after all.

Alllll byyyy myself

May. 15th, 2015 10:33 pm
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....This weekend will be weird and wrong without the horde around, so I'm going into work tomorrow to get some stuff done. The Doom!Twins are in Boston and they called to inform me that Hotels Are Wrong and There Are No Pancakes. Also, they are wearing their Assassin's Creed T-shirts, just in case Boston's liberty is threatened or something. I didn't ruin their fun by informing them that Boston already has a perfectly good set of fictional twins to defend it.

In the meantime, Miss Mousie is on a 13 hr bus trip to Georgia; the Ocean Club is attending/supporting the sea turtle release down there (Unfortunately the bus trip has gone horribly wrong; they were laid up in Virginia for a while with a broken bus).

I'm hoping to hear something about the haunted Victorian Wyckoff Homestead soon; we visited on Saturday and put a bid in on Tuesday. < inigo montoya >I hate waiting.< /inigo montoya >.

2 interesting Tarot-Card related things--I don't use them much for their intended purpose, but I love cards and card art in general: cut for images )

Gym-less and new exercise clothes

May. 15th, 2015 08:59 am
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I didn't go to the gym at all during my three days off, mostly because I didn't want to be stiff and sore for my choir dress rehearsal/performance. I went back last night and did upper body work with the dumbbells and, at the last minute, decided to try out my new exercise bra and capri leggings on the treadmill. I only jogged for a total of 16 minutes, broken up with a minute of walking in between each set, but that was enough, because it's been a while.

The new pair of capris are from Junonia - I splurged using a small bonus I got from dayjob, reward for participating in a health screening. It seemed appropriate!

The fabric is very soft and comfortable, and they'll be great for everyday use, but they did not compress nearly enough for me to use regularly on the treadmill. Not that I regularly use the treadmill anyway, but I continue to bemoan the fact that good compression tights seem to be completely unavailable in plus sizes, even if you're willing to pay lots of money for them. (Junonia did not advertise these as compression tights.)

Because the fabric is thin and soft and clingy, it shows a few more lumps than I'd like, but I am going to ignore that. Also, since like pretty much everything they are made for people taller than me, they come halfway up my rib cage, but since I need support for my belly, that's actually a good thing. I think they will last well.

As for the new exercise bra, I bought from Champion, two more like my favorite ones, and one cheaper one to try. The cheaper one was okay - it actually worked well to prevent bouncing on the treadmill because it ran small, but that was balanced out by the elastic band around the bottom having a sharp edge that irritated me. Hopefully, some washing will soften it. The other two look slightly different from their predecessors (which I still have, and love) but I think they'll be fine.

Next up are my two new pairs of Nike capris, also not compression tights, which I got at Macy's of all places. They were half off! They are blue and soft. They will replace my two pairs from J.C. Penney that are currently too tight around the belly. The J.C. Penney ones, by the way, worked well as far as compression goes, so it can be done.

Are you bored yet? I'm not. Having new workout clothes to try actually gave me a tiny boost in motivation.

(no subject)

May. 14th, 2015 09:50 pm
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So! Today was "wear something you wouldn't normally wear" day for the fashion theory seminar I'm auditing! I wore a red baju kurung I've carted with me over the years and continents but wear only for special occasions (not that there's anything particularly special about it). Everyone else (but one, who forgot) also wore similarly different things and we talked about how our outfits, how we felt different in them. A lot of us were PHYSICALLY comfortable, but SOCIALLY uncomfortable. Even the prof was wearing something different! (She wore a sweater and jeans.)

Folks were very impressed all day. Unfortunately, it was an incredibly cold evening and despite my outfit being a full-body dress, it was not enough to ward off the cold. My shoes are also too small, and it had rained during the day, which meant that I had to walk on the flooded path because walking on the side (which I normally do) was impossible, since my heels sank into the muddy ground. So I walked through the cold water. Which would have been fine except I now have a cold.

I meant to start grading today but a student from the previous quarter came in to talk about the current quarter and ranted for some two and a half hours. She's not the first student, worryingly. But I don't really know what to do.

(no subject)

May. 14th, 2015 08:07 am
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10.45am - actually made it out for the meeting with the guest speaker of the department. She was super nice! She was also quite interesting, wish I had the chance to talk to her more.

12pm - her talk!

1pm - the mid-term!

2pm - the aftermath of the midterm! mostly me and Mark sorting the papers into alphabetical order, then coming up with answers for the papers.

3.30pm - the panel on Race and SF. The guest speakers were coming over from EagleCon for some reason to do with collaboration, I guess. It was Isiah Lavender III and Minister Faust. I'd never met Minister Faust before, so that was cool.

5pm - meeting with Dr. R about the papers to establish common grading ground.

6pm - some downtime and a lot of waiting for the bus to get out to dinner with the SF folks. Eric was gonna pick me up but I caught the bus just before.

~7pm - Finally, dinner.

8.30pm - dinner over, Eric and I went to a record store before he dropped me off home.

I feel so knackered. And this weekend I have to make stuff for WisCon! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Vacation is over.

May. 14th, 2015 08:21 am
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Alas, my forced vacation (use it or lose it) is over. Now I'm back to my overworked office, with an additional three days of catch-up.

But I really, really enjoyed doing very little for those 3 days.

The only writing I did was my comments on the fourth episode of Daredevil. I hung out in a coffee shop with Drinking Cocoa, I did laundry, I napped, I had lunch with Ms. 7 after her doctor appointment. Tuesday night was dress rehearsal, for which I was well-rested, and last night was our final concerto concert of the season, after which I went to dinner with a couple of friends. Choir is lots more fun when I'm not exhausted and rushing there from dayjob.

I'm probably going to a concert on Friday night. Looking forward to that.

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