Aug. 23rd, 2016 09:18 am
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Ugh, slept badly; woke up around 2:00 am, woke up again sometime after dawn, had weird dreams I didn't like. But I did accomplish things yesterday.

1. Made it back up to a 115 pound bench press, 5 sets of 5. The goal is still 150, if my hands can take it.

Also, bestirred myself to point out sign to guy in weight room: it says you aren't supposed to deadlift in the rig area, because there is no floor padding, and the rig is supposed to be for squats anyway. It is very bad for the floor to slam weights into it. He was lifting 315 and slamming it into the floor. He sort of nodded with downcast eyes, wandered off, then came back and kept doing it, so when I was done with my squats I went downstairs and reported him. Don't know what happened, as I then went into the cardio room and did elliptical. But I hope he got chewed out. Not sure if that counts as an accomplishment or not.

2. Helped a friend with a massive To Do list and with applying to be a program participant at a couple of conventions.

3. Sent in some panel suggestions for Arisia and Readercon.

4. Threw away some underwear that needed to be thrown out.

5. Started a new bag of giveaway clothing with some gym clothes that don't fit well or that I don't really like.
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Coventry Gray does interesting things in light and shade.

Coventry Gray (BM Historic Color)

Coventry Gray (BM Historic Color)

Here it's the darker of the two grays, with one of the other choices, BM Wickham Gray bouncing the light around in the most delightful way. As it does.

Coventry Gray (bottom) Wickham Gray (top background)

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Aug. 23rd, 2016 10:01 am
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Mum wanted to go shopping yesterday and I agreed. We went to the World of Sports and then to Parkson. She's a lot calmer without my dad around, but still boring--she's not good at judging clothing unless it makes her look slim. And because I'm there, I also bear the brunt of the fat-shaming.

Because I was with her, I didn't get to start playing Pokemon Go until much later, when Kristin got to Subang Parade. And even then, there was no Pokemon catching until AFTER my mom left.

Kristin's husband had some sort of religious/spiritual/out-of-body experience that he really needed to talk about and with someone who's used to, idk, non-normative narratives? It was pretty cool; I didn't really have any advice for him other than to blog about it.

While driving around looking for parking in SS15, I managed to snag a Krabby and a Squirtle! (And while Kristin's husband was talking, a Magmar showed up.)

I've probably said it but I'm really excited to be reconnecting with Kristin like this.

Afterwards, I made my brother walk a round with me for a bit so I could nab some Pokestops that I didn't have a chance to hit up earlier. Added a Poliwag and Exeggcute to my pile! Among other things like Caterpies, the usual Pidgeys, and Ratatas which are ABUNDANT in SS15. I'm still waiting for the chance to take a picture of a real rat right by a Ratata. I lost a Bellsprout, tho =(

I've got to buy my bus tickets to get down to Singapore so I can see JOYCE!!!!!!!!!!!! and DEL!!!!!!!!!!! but it means figuring out where I'm staying, too, oops.

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Aug. 19th, 2016 10:53 pm
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- Been having lunch with Tariq, which has been good. We ventured out to find some Pokestops, despite the hot sun. We also found a nice little cafe.

- Had breakfast with Kristin the other morning, which was great. I haven't really sat down with just her in years, when I've seen her it's usually with another friend. Which is weird considering she's my oldest childhood friend. And it's been nice to find out that we DO have things to talk about. She's actually a great listener, and she's also funny. We were going to visit the old school, but her kid had chest pains so she had to leave.

- Went shopping with Nina as well on the same day, which was also good. I really really needed new bras. I also got a lip brush and brush cleaner, and some new jeans. Yay!

- Dinner with Ray the other night, along with her mom and her second brother Thari, who happened to be out of the forest for a while. (This is the cousin doing research on dung beetles.)
(Ray caught a Squirtle and a Jigglypuff.)
(This prompted my dad to say, "okay! when we go home, we download Pokemon Go and try this game.)

- I went to a cafe that Tariq and I found today, and sat there for about 4 or 5 hours working. It's got really good WiFi, but the chicken chop was kinda lackluster. Still, I like the owner and I want to get some cake there sometime.

- Dad and I went walking around Subang Lake today. This was also a Pokemon Go trip. We took way longer than expected because he hadn't registered, and he had to come up with a nickname and all the things and blah. I told him we could catch a Pikachu as a starter Pokemon, but he instead looked at the screen, said, "this one is the biggest, so I'll catch this one." It took him a while to realize he had to flick the Pokeball, so we ended the walk around Subang Lake with 8 Pokemon (Magikarps, Ratatas, a Pidgey, and the starter Bulbasaur).

After eating at Silva's, we headed home (with a brief Pokestop). After that we went to walk the dog, where we proceeded to catch even more Pokemon. Some zealous Ingress agent did a thing of making practically all sorts of things a portal: frigging seesaws on the playground, random murals that aren't even there anymore, a shrine outside someone's house (and shrines in people's businesses), and hanging key signs outside the locksmith's. It's all very random and weird. My brother played Ingress and he's pretty sure he knows the agent who designated all those spots.

Nonetheless, we came away with a haul involving Eeves, Pidgeottos, Spearows, and even a Gastly.

We're going to Gasing Hill tomorrow to incubate a couple of eggs. (He has 9 eggs! WHERE DID THE EGGS COME FROM?) Dad also wants to try the curveball thing.

- Mom's annoyed that Dad's into Pokemon Go and we'll see how long she holds out seeing as she now has a smartphone just so she can keep up with everybody else.

- I'm annoyed enough by this that I'm looking into smartphone options this end.

Wednesday Reading?

Aug. 18th, 2016 09:05 am
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I forgot about Wednesday Reading yesterday because I thought it was Thursday for most of the day, probably due to having been to the gym on Tuesday night. But I haven't read much in the last week; mostly yet more fanfiction re-reads.

Then I went and lifted, remaining steady on squats and Seated Leg Press, and sticking with 70 pounds on military press. It felt harder than it did on Friday, but I did finish. Then I did some triceps exercises with dumbbells, and finished off with some dumbbell bench press (30 pounds each hand) which might have been a bit much but that's it for my week in the gym, anyway.

I've been taking a little bit longer to get to sleep at night, but I've been mostly sleeping through the night, so I guess it balances out.

Sore today. I think it's going to rain.


Aug. 18th, 2016 11:09 am
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Xiao Xiao & The Dragon's Pearl won runner-up in the YA category.

Chapter Five is up and running.

Thank you for the support for Sun Dragon's Song.

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is ready for reviewers. :)

Chaser, book three of the Rider Trilogy, is up on Gumroad for a limited time only.


Aug. 12th, 2016 08:15 am
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Last night I ate Thai food, put away my clean laundry, and settled into bed for a few hours with my e-reader and fanfiction. Oh, and I brushed the cat.

We're having a nasty, humid heat wave, so I plan to be inside in air conditioning as much as possible through the weekend while trying not to be quite so lazy as to nap most of the day. Maybe I will go out long enough to get a pedicure.

I am actually looking forward to going to the (air conditioned) gym tonight, even though I hate overhead lifts, and those are on tap for tonight along with squats, seated leg press, and elliptical. I packed one of my new bars of soap from the Second Street Festival, so I am looking forward to trying it afterwards. And then going home and putting my musky-smelling weightlifting gloves into Saturday's laundry. I really need to buy a second pair so I can switch off washing them. My hands sweat more than I imagined they did.
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The theme is "Trials by Whiteness" and I'm pretty open to different forms of exploring the theme.

So please send me things!!! Submissions open on Aug 15, close Oct 31, and I'm taking pitches anytime. I'd love to see stuff like roundtables, or conversations between two people who seem on opposite ends of a spectrum. Like a panel report, but from different perspectives. I'm also open to bonkers things like graphs and charts.

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Aug. 11th, 2016 09:16 am
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The gym went better last night - I got a bench and did 105 again, this time three sets of ten. Maybe I can move up to 115 again if I don't have more major interruptions. Speaking of which, the gym will be closed next Friday, which will again throw off my schedule, agh. I hope this means the second floor room with the big mat is getting whatever's wrong fixed, because I'd like to do some things on the mat and the little ones in the other rooms are not sufficient.

I also did 105 for rows, not very well, using the barbell instead of the machine this time. My grip is definitely not that great on pulling/lifting. Still pondering if anything would help with that. I am wearing the heavy-duty gloves.

I snagged a squat rack next and just did the same weight as Monday, then put in thirty minutes on the elliptical. Both activities resulted in lots of sweating, which felt oddly good, though I'm not sure if I'm actually getting endorphins as I did feel tired. I had trouble getting to sleep but once I was there, I was out for the night, so yay.

Good things today: I made it into the office less than five minutes before a huge, dramatic downpour, and yesterday I bought Noosa yogurt for the office refrigerator, so I can look forward to strawberry rhubarb or raspberry or honey yogurt if I don't want to venture out to lunch.

Wednesday Reading

Aug. 10th, 2016 09:07 am
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I am currently re-reading part two of Gammassassin by feldman and Thassalia, and enjoying the heck out of it again. These are long, plot-rich stories that feature a Natasha Romanov/Bruce Banner relationship I can actually believe in, plus some excellent original characters in secondary roles that I would love to see in their own story, plus a side order of Bucky (eventually).

Before that, I re-read The Blog of Eugenia Watson by Mad_Lori, one of the first Sherlock fanfiction stories I remember reading after seeing the series for the first time. It's a future setting that goes AU from what had aired at the time, written in the charming first-person voice of John Watson's teenage daughter as she deals with growing up.

I purchased Court of Fives by Kate Elliott, and have added it to the TBR of Doom.

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