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Sep. 18th, 2014 01:03 pm
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Yesterday from around 10am to 3pm, I was on a Peer Panel for the orientation for Masters level international students. Practically none of them were in Humanities, which made me wish I went to the PhD one too. It was pretty fun. My co-panelist was an Environmental Toxicology PhD from Zimbabwe and we covered a pretty huge range of topics.

I also tried using my new Asus Transformer in bed last night and it worked out pretty great! But I feel really bad at how many fingerprints I left on the thing at the end of the night.

This morning I went with HH to Best BUy so I could get a new micro-USB adapter for my ASUS, because I am kind of over using plug converters when getting local adapters is so much cheaper than it used to be. I need to clear my table, write a letter, go see the doctor (and the apologize for making an appointment for a Pap and having to tell her that my period JUST started).

I also need to figure out what to do about my garden. It's covered by a lot of leaves right now which are never going to mulch properly in this weather. I found my earthworms, but they're using their humus as bedding right now, so I'll have to fix that tonight. I think I also just need more earthworms, speed up production.
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I spent an hour on the elliptical last night, at level one; it's the first time I've done that, ever. Before, my longest time was 45 minutes, but I was reading fanfic and I felt pretty good. Also, it was level one, which was a lovely contrast to level 10 from Monday.

It was weird because I didn't have a good day and I was resistant to going, and I felt generally sore and tired. But the reading was a good distraction, and I went up to the fourth floor where it was a bit less crowded, which also helped my mood.

Then I did 3 sets of 10 bench presses with 20-pound dumbbells and a couple of sets of tricep kickbacks with my right arm, using a 7.5 pound weight. My arm did shake a bit, but I remember when I first started doing those in PT, and 3 pounds was rough. I also tried to do deadlifts with the dumbbells, but I was really tired by then and only did one set.

I was definitely more relaxed after all that, if a little shaky from hunger. My pre-workout Luna Bar had run out, but I had another waiting in my locker. Then I went home and had high-fiber cereal and Greek yogurt.

Wednesday Reading

Sep. 17th, 2014 11:46 am
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I haven't been reading much lately. I'm writing, and choir has started again, and all that. Except for a few things for previews, I'm still working on the same books from my last report.

I did really enjoy this Hawkeye and Bucky and Captain America and Black Widow fanfiction story that uses Hawkeye characterization from the current comic series: The Only Guy Steve Knows Who Lives In Brooklyn by Chex. It's set post-"Winter Soldier."

3 Positives

Sep. 17th, 2014 08:49 am
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Grimly, I post three positive things. With many capitalized words.

1. I am writing a New Thing, and it's flowing, so even though it's (on purpose) not at all my usual thing, that is Progress. It means I am not lazy and that I can write things, I really can. And trying Something New is good. Stretching is good.

2. I am going to cons in October and November, and I will see friends, and I will have fun. I will. And I will Not Compare my writing career to that of other people. Right?

3. We started BWV 21 last night, one of the Bach cantatas I have never sung before (there are lots of those!). It's one of his earlier ones so it has lots of intriguingly tricky bits. And it ends with a lot of "Alleluias," which is one of my favorite words to sing.


Sep. 17th, 2014 09:22 pm
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I am slated to have a biopsy done next Friday.

It will be done as day surgery.

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Sep. 16th, 2014 11:35 pm
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My OKCupid Adventures Tumblr tag is updated with the latest and greatest from my month in Malaysia!

Also, a prospective name for a hypothetical SEAsian SFF regional con.

Also I feel the need to let people know that the Octavia Butler Legacy Network is looking to hold a conference commemorating ten years of her passing in February 2016.

I woke up at a decent hour but only got out of the house around 10am. Bad idea. Anyway, I got a check for my Mothership reprint and went to deposit it, then went to get more eyedrops. I stopped in AT&T for a new phone and the guy was so intent on selling me a new plan he spent around forty minutes trying to get me a thing with data even though I don't use data that much. I'm looking at this phone, the LG Xpression 2, mostly because it has a QWERTY keyboard and who can get enough of things to write with. The thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have an FM radio in it. (I don't really care for loading a phone with my own music and prefer to listen to the radio.)

Then I walked to campus to get my office key, check my mailbox (I have a box of books, yay!), check out my office. I'm back in 2414, which is smaller than the last one I was in. My officemate has been using it over the summer and practically colonized the whole place, so I told her to move her crap off the table I'm using and clear half the shelves. She's got the bigger table so I'm moving mine closer to the computer table so I can move between my workstation and the computer station more easily.

I then wandered over to the Health Center to make my appointment for my follow-up pap smear (among my many letters was a printed letter from my doctor stating very firmly I needed to come in for my pap) and then because it was too hot to be real, I went to the sub place nearby for a sandwich. Then I skedaddled home and haven't been back out since. It is aggressively hot out.

I'm gonna be at the International Student Orientation all day tomorrow. It's for the Masters students and apparently they didn't have enough Masters students to be on the peer panel so I volunteered. Good thing, I think, because the PhD orientation was today and I kind of was not in any shape to do it.

Gymming, Watching

Sep. 16th, 2014 09:10 am
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I still felt tired last night, I think from the treadmill jogging and dumbbells I did Friday night. Maybe I should just work through it, I don't know. I did the elliptical at resistance 10 for half an hour, then did some deadlifts with a 35 pound kettlebell. My elbow made a couple of hot, unpleasant pops but I don't think it was dangerous.

I went home and changed my sheets (hooray) and watched the new episode of Dr. Who. It was the sort of episode that would seriously creep out Geeklet, aged 10. I liked it because it had good Doctor stuff and good companion stuff, even though it was Moffett's same old story tricks (corners of your eye) and I felt the climax of the episode was a little annoying because it makes me crazy that the companion has to be Special. I thought the whole point of a companion was to be not a special snowflake, but nobody cares what I think. Clara's boyfriend subplot is all right. I can take it or leave it.

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Sep. 15th, 2014 07:10 pm
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Missed the Riverside train by a goddamn hair! Had to catch another train t Orange County and wait forever. I was going to be so good, and just use public transit instead of shuttling it, and in the end I caved and got a taxi for the final leg home because I could not STAND either moving my luggage further or waiting another hour. I spent two hours in immigration alone, ugh.

On the plus side, my new Asus travels really well. On the con side, I really need to get another AC adapter for it.

I am sure I've been traveling some 45+ hours and only slept properly for 6 of them. Going to turn in early tonight.

I watched Belle and Snowpiercer on the plane(s)! What great movies. I don't think I could watch Snowpiercer again anytime soon; it's so intense! Belle is a really satisfying movie tho. I killed time with X-Men Days of Future Past and I DID NOT KNOW BLINK WAS ASIAN.

I did one of those "cultural experiences" art and crafts things at Incheon airport; seems they switch it up every month or so. This time they were offering lacquered pendants; you put on the abalone pieces yourself with a toothpick. I'll selfie with it later.

I'm feeling pretty glad I volunteered for the MA grad orientation rather than insist on doing the PhD one, since that's on Wednesday and not tomorrow because I am feeling kind of rotten right now.

Gymming, Things To Do

Sep. 15th, 2014 09:26 am
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I only went to the gym twice last week; Tuesday for a half-hour on the elliptical, and Friday for a half-hour on the treadmill (jog 17 minutes, walk 1, jog 12, with five minutes of walking tacked on to either end) and a few minutes with dumbbells doing overheads, bench presses, and dead lifts.

I really need to get back into the groove of weights. My muscles were a bit sore the next day, but I think the elbow pain might have been less. Might have been less!!! We shall see.

Gym tonight, rehearsal tomorrow night, gym Wednesday, dinner out Thursday, gym Friday. And I'd like to work a little bit of writing in there somewhere. And Friday morning is my oral surgeon consults, for the first stage of getting a molar implant.

I need to book train tickets for CapClave and World Fantasy. I still need to approach my boss about possibly not leading a meeting the Thursday before World Fantasy so I can leave in the morning instead of lunchtime, and won't have to drag my luggage to dayjob. And soon I must book a plane ticket for Winter Break.


Sep. 13th, 2014 08:44 pm
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*drinks a lot of wine*

The Other Family has finally moved out. We not only have a dining room back, we get to have something resembling a life back. I will miss Spike Spiegal the dragon, though. I held him a bit before they left; he climbed up to my shoulder and tried to eat my hair.


We went out this morning to try the new bow. First I tried W's ~15lb old compound bow that he'd had since he barely reached his double-digits, to try to figure out general form and co-ordination stuff. First I failed miserably. Then W was like "try a 3 finger draw" and I switched to that from the split finger and it was like magic. Then I tried the new takedown recurve. My arms were already kinda tired before I picked it up, but I definitely performed better on the new bow, all 45lbs of it.

The girls all did pretty well too, although they stuck to the compound bow; they found the new one a little bit intimidating. To be fair, the big take down recurve will punish the hell out of you for dropping out of form, though. I only hit myself once, but it added a nice big welt on top of the egg-sized knot of rainbow-colored bruises the compound gave to my inner elbow while I was trying to negotiate with the learning curve. I did have a arm-guard, but it was pitifully small, and I was really good at hitting whatever part of my arm the guard wasn't covering. I even moved it a few times! I ended up supplementing with duct tape. A bit late, because I had stopped hitting myself already--plus while I realize in retrospect that I didn't yelp or squeal or anything, because it doesn't always occur to me to react to things, but it actually kinda sucked when I yoinked the tape off the welts and bruises later. So maybe I will get a nice long longbow arm guard for next time--or, y'know, just continue to stop hitting myself. We lost the tab too--the bit of leather that slips on your finger, so we all shot bare-handed, and that wasn't bad at all, so whatever. I'm sure the tab will show up at some point. (I'm not sure it'll work for me/us appropriate anyway, since I'm shooting 3 finger and it's probably a split finger tab).

Dude, I really like this new thing. Once I stopped worrying about hitting myself, the target, or anything at all, I found that same nice blank head-space that happens during meditation, and then everything was awesome. The rest of the world goes away. Just look at the target, breathe, draw, swish-THUNK and *!!!* Fuck the scrapes and bruises (and the v. mildly achy back-of-shoulders), archery is fabulous and I want to do it again.


After that, we went and found W a suit and it was remarkably fast and painless (insert sigh of relief here). So now I have to figure out what I will wear, and then we will find him a shirt and tie to compliment.


D!T02 had a question about our ancestry (mostly regarding the Native bits of it) so I pointed her at my mother, and she gave her a call. D!02 came back a bit @_@, as what tends to happen when you get my mother on a story-telling bent, so I asked what she was told and she recited the bits of family legend regarding the Cherokee Princess. Now to be fair, I do not doubt the Native bits of our ancestry at all, but I am dutifully skeptical about the Legendary Cherokee Princess only because EVERY black family has a Cherokee Princess(tm) in there somewhere (and yes, they are always Cherokee); it's pretty cliche. OTOH, I can't totally disregard/not scan for the grain o' truth, because the OTHER legends all turned out to have something to them, and also because my family.


One of the first houses I'd peered at is back on the market today. Granted, on our first viewing, it was full of dead bats, the pipes had burst due to freezing, and we were pretty sure the septic and the well needed work along with the HVAC and everything else, so it's not totally surprising to see it back. W is being all kinds of dubious at me, but I don't care. I love the location, and a good dry foundation is worth its weight in gold around here. STICK AROUND FOR 2 MORE WEEKS, HOUSE, I WILL TOTALLY COME SEE YOU AGAIN.

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Sep. 13th, 2014 11:06 pm
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Wow, I slept at 2am last night winding down from the party, and then woke up at 5am for whatever, and got out of bed at 7 because my brother was told to take me to Gasing Hill for a hike. We had to send the maids downtown first, but yeah. Then I showered, we went to eat, and then I headed straight to Jaya One for my meeting with my dad's friend. She wants to develop a kind of kids' camp that would give youth a space to express themselves as freely as possible, to give them their own platform and community with which to exchange ideas in a somewhat safe space. She's been doing little "unity" projects of encouraging little kids to say nice things about people from other races. I told her that I've studied critical race theory and critical multiculturalism, explained to her a bit of what that entailed, and she was very interested in knowing if it could be taught to teens. I told her I could run it seminar format, assign readings, come up with a syllabus. Three weeks, two seminars a week, two and a half hours each seminar, run as an intensive course, just to give then a start in talking about these issues. She asked me for a quote, I calculated real quick how much I get paid by the hour in the States and just gave her an estimate of what that might sound in ringgit.

Then I went to a nearby cafe to futz around and have some cheesecake on my own, and write maybe 30 more words on my prospectus which has been sadly neglected. I will have to really get back to it when I get to California. Kat came to get me, and then we drove to Taman Paramount's LRT to pick Zarrah up, and the three of us went to Hop Hop Cafe, which is a bunny cafe in my town! Then around 8pm I went to have dinner with my family and another family.

So yeah. Still socializing. I have to pack all day tomorrow BUT in the morning I'm meeting Nin Harris, of Delinquent's Spice!!! SO EXCITED.

Charity Anthology!

Sep. 12th, 2014 03:28 pm
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My latest story, "Found," appears in a lesbian erotica anthology to benefit The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. The anthology is only 99 cents at the moment, in the hope it will become a bestseller.

...Yes, my historical hurt-comfort story is sandwiched between two spanking stories. What can I say? The antho has range!

Her Private Passion: More Tales of Pleasure and Domination is currently available for Kindle. Other versions (Nook, Smashwords, ARe) are going up, but don't seem to be available yet.

Five smoldering tales of women’s passion for women. Five best-selling authors bring you their hottest lesbian historical stories of desires that cannot be denied.

From elegant aristocrats, cross-dressing soldiers, and sultry sirens, to naughty nuns, seductive spies, and innocent young ladies, some women must dominate... and some women must submit.

“Bound in Silk and Steel,” by Rebecca Tregaron. The lovely courtesan-spy Perrine travels to Serenissima to seduce and ensnare the noblewoman Fiorenza. But in the sensual abandon of Carnival, power can shift in the blink of an eye, the turn of a mask, the flick of a rope...

"Convent Discipline," by Honey Dover. Alessandra isn't looking forward to becoming a nun, but in strict medieval Italy, her family has given her no other option. When her training as a novice is taken over by the lovely Julia, Alessandra learns that submission can mean much more than prayer.

"Found," by Victoria Janssen. In the midst of the American Civil War, Clodia flees slavery and certain death. Found by her escaped friend Diana, who is serving as a man in the Union army, Clodia fears she can't be forgiven for the past.

"Spanked On The Prairie," by Isla Sinclair. When Emily Welland misbehaves on the Canadian prairie, she is due for a spanking from firm but beautiful Miss Grant. But little does she know the sensual lesbian delights in store for her.

“The Ocean's Maid,” by Mona Midnight. All Sarah wanted was to find her sister, lost to the mermaids more than a year ago. But in the world of the sirens, she finds welcoming arms... and the promise of the forbidden pleasures she has denied herself for so many years. Will she return to the surface? Or will she succumb to the temptations of life under the sea?

Positivity Meme, 5 of 5

Sep. 12th, 2014 09:10 am
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1. I went out to dinner with friends last night, for Restaurant Week, and had a lovely butternut squash soup.

2. I am eating a delicious Amish Doughnut. The kind made with lard and real cream filling.

3. I am looking forward to the gym tonight - this has no relation to items one and two!

On a happier note:

Sep. 12th, 2014 02:20 pm
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I am thirty today! I was officially born at 9.27am (I saw my birth cert the other day for some reason) so it's been a while. Roy and I have been marinading things all day. I have a bucket of chicken sitting in Coca-cola because I thought it would be a good idea but now Roy wants me to re-marinade the chicken and use honey instead. He's going to start up the grill around 6pm and I have to figure out drinks and salad appetizers. Also plates. Haha. I have such trouble in a house where I know nothing of its contents.

I have a few Tumblr friends coming over, KKJ mates, an old schoolmate, a Twitter friend, and my little cousin (who is baking me cake!). Around a dozen of us. My brother's BBQing lamb, chicken wings, and I convinced him to try stingray.

Hopefully we'll have enough food (Roy thinks we've got too much) and hopefully everybody will get along (I am usually more discriminatory about who I choose to invite and have mix together) (but we are mostly all nerds so it should be fine).

Woo woo!

EDIT: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Party was great. Ray came earlier to drop off the cake because she couldn't make it. (She also brought her new car! It's tiny just like her!) The cake was marvellous. The company was marvellous. We played a round of Politico. It was great fun! Possibly because I won. It was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures! For drinks I pulled out a really nice bowl and bought several things of juice and mixed them up, just because I could. (I used to do it with soda when I was younger.)

Stingray is also an amazing fish and I wish I had more of it.

Positivity Meme, 4 of 5

Sep. 11th, 2014 08:37 am
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1. I actually liked the third episode of the new Doctor Who season. It felt very Old School to me. Also, it let The Doctor do his thing without a lot of extra stuff. And it had humor. I am relieved.

2. I went to the Cantata series opener last night and my singing friends were glad to see me. The acoustics in the new venue are amazing, much softer than the previous venue because there is less stone, and the stone is farther away from the musicians. It is always a treat to hear Julianne Baird, and I enjoyed Steven Zohn's flauto traverso as well - it's such a mellow sound!

3. I'm in the middle of looking over my story for the charity anthology, and have not spotted a single typo yet. Also, it seems better than I thought it was while I was writing it. Go me!


Sep. 10th, 2014 09:09 pm
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OK, back from Penang! Yesterday we picked Ray up and drove bravely on. Took us about four and a half hours, and we made a stop at Ong Cheng Huat in Sungai Dua for lunch around 2.30. They deep-fry spring chickens there, you see, and it's delicious. It's also hard to find unless you know what you're looking for, because it's in a slip road and actually behind some residential houses in an industrial area.

We then went to find my Auntie Mimi in her nursing home. She's worse than the last time I visited; this time she practically did not recognize me. It's kind of sad situation; it's an understaffed institution and I feel everyone's sitting around waiting to die or something. There're no activities, nothing to give the residents any mental stimulation. My aunt is the kind of person who needs a lot of mental stimulation, and without it, her dementia has become a lot worse. She's also losing threads of memory that she never lost before, like who her brothers are, how many kids they had. She thought I was her sister (which I take to be a sign of how much weight I've gained) and forgot she had a niece, much less two. When I said goodbye, she practically waved me off, already tired of me questioning her, and I just had... this terrible terrible feeling inside. I tried to hug her but she was in no mood for it.


Anyway, we went to an aunt's house to stay. She's currently out of the country, attending her youngest daughter's graduation, but her mom was there, my Sook Poh as we call her. We hung out in the living room chatting with her the best we could: she speaks Cantonese and Penang Hokkien (and of course understands some English and Malay). Ray speaks a bit of Penang Hokkien, and Roy and I stumbled with Cantonese and English the best we could. It's the first time Ray's met her, too. We had dinner with Uncle Jimmy, wandered around for apung.

Sook Poh was shocked to hear we were only staying for one night. She'd given me a set of keys with an autogate controller with the full expectation that we were hanging out for much longer, sigh.

I didn't sleep well, had to pee, and then had a nightmare about yelling at my mom who had come to WisCon and was going around asking me intrusive questions about my friends, IN THE SAFER SPACE no less, after which it was a lot of being worried about something terrible happening (in the vein of her harassing my friends and triggering them in some way). Ray getting up for morning prayers got me out of the dream, thank goodness.

Roy had trouble getting out of bed, but we were on the road by around 8.30am. (Sook Poh looked so sad as we left. Sigh.) We hit up some food first , then went to Mount Erskine to find the columbarium where our grandparents' ashes are kept.

Roy and I found Grandpa and Grandma fairly easily, so Ray got her first ever look at our grandparents' ashes. They died before she was born (I have 9 years on her; she's the youngest of my generational cohort) and she'd never been (partly because her dad died when she was really young too, so her mom doesn't really know where the ashes are). What with the family trying to keep track of the family tree lately, I thought it'd be nice to make sure she got to see the place at least.

We had a lot of time, and our last stop, Ai Linn Boh's coffee shop, didn't open until noon, so we headed downtown to Armenian St and saw Hock Teik Cheng Sin temple (and the preparations for the Tua Peh Kong festival) (he's a local prosperity deity), the Khoo Kongsi (they have a very impressive family court that's practically a tiny town), the Nyonya beading shop I've been meaning to go to for years (40 years of beading, and he makes the shoes from scratch. It was super awesome; he showed us works in progress, past examples, some of his process. It was so terrific), and another nearby shop that the beading guy told us to go to because the lady there gives classes (she wasn't in, but her brother was and called her for us, and he has kids on the US side of the pond too). Grown-ups are so great.

We hung out in a hipster cafe for a bit, where I learned about the Depressed Cake Shop which is a festival program to raise awareness of mental illness. The Wifi at the hipster cafe was kind of shit, but Ti Kuan Yin tea is pretty nice. My brother had a lamb harissa which was pretty delish.

(Somewhere in the midst of this were exhortations from my dad to buy some fruits for my Auntie Mimi so Roy had taken off to buy some oranges.)

Around 11.30am, we headed out to Tanjung Tokong to find Ai Linn Boh. I called Uncle Jimmy to let him know that we were on the way, and also to ask which dialect she speaks (the night before, he offered to call her to let her know that we were coming). She runs, with her son and new daughter-in-law (I missed the wedding because I was in Singapore), a coffee shop, one of those affairs in a canteen area by a housing estate. They sell kaya toast and various beverages. They also make their own kaya, every morning. Just as we were settling in, Roy asked me which one she was, because the last time he saw her was years and years ago, and I was like, "she's the one on the phone, she must be, because she's now looking at us, quick, wave, I bet that's Uncle Jimmy on the phone."

So, that was cool! She was very pleased to see us too. We waved at our newly-married cousin. Uncle Jimmy came by. We got three servings of toast with butter and kaya (they now serve three types of bread so it was imperative that we tried one of each) AND two half-boiled eggs each. We were so wired on sugar for a while and I am still crashing.

There was also a box with a couple of horseshoe crabs flailing about in it which was both fascinating and freaky. Roy bought them for RM8 and we went to a nearby beach (I never knew that the coffee shop was literally 20 meters away from a beach) to set them free.

(Somewhere in the middle of this, we told Uncle Jimmy of the plan to stop by the nursing home once more to drop off the oranges Roy bought, and he sighed a long-suffering sigh, told us about the time he brought her fruits: "she wouldn't eat them AT ALL. And then she wouldn't let anyone take them away! So they basically rotted the whole time." So we changed our mind and headed straight home, super late.)

The way home was pretty uneventful; a couple of pit stops, a prayer stop. I fell asleep early on and my head was tilted back, so I pretty much snorted myself awake, which was kind of an awful sensation. (I put the back down and put my feet up and that helped a lot with the dozing.)

On the way down from Penang, there's a stop at Gunung Tempurung, which has a drain leading to a tiny river. In the drain, there tends to be a whole flock of butterflies. Not just ANY butterflies, though! These are Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Butterflies, which are about 2 - 3 inches wide with a glorious black and green wingspan (and red bodies) (they're a sexy butterfly). So, that was pretty cool. I'd glad I got to catch them; the day was kind of rainy.

We got to Shah Alam by around 8pm to drop Ray off, and Dad had cooked fried fish (pomfret, fuck yeah) so yeah, we got home in good time.

The oranges were delicious, my brother and I agree that they are sweet, but my parents think they are sour, and we have no idea what accounts for this.

Positivity Meme, 3 of 5

Sep. 10th, 2014 08:09 am
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1. Tonight is the opening performance of my choir's cantata series. We're not singing - it's all soloist - but I am looking forward to sitting down and listening for once. Our soloist is Julianne Baird, who's a big name in early music.

2. Since I'm not singing, I don't have to wear black. Today I have cobalt blue trousers and a white collared shirt. The color combination of blue and white always makes me really happy.

3. I went to the gym last night and managed to get a rowing machine. I made myself stop after 20 minutes when I felt some soreness in my right forearm, instead of pushing through it. But I also tried a new thing: one of those apparatuses where you do leg lifts while supported only on your arms. I did five leg lifts, then stopped instead of overdoing like I wanted to. This is a positive because I am terrible about overdoing it and then needing a lot of recovery time.

Positivity Meme, 2 of 5

Sep. 9th, 2014 09:06 am
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1. I really like my current toenail polish. It is charcoal gray with glittery bits. My toenails look armored. With glittery armor.

2. I took care of myself last night by skipping the gym and going straight home and going to bed early, to recover from getting home late on Sunday night. I slept the night through, waking up naturally a few minutes before my alarm; that doesn't happen automatically any more, so I appreciate every time I manage it.

3. I actually worked this morning at thinking of my three positive things to post. I think that process actually had a positive effect!

I am scared.

Sep. 9th, 2014 12:24 pm
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Frightened out of my wits.

They found something in my breast.

I have to see the breast specialist next week.

I am scared.

Edit: Thank you all for your replies and well wishes.

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