Foster pup

Oct. 22nd, 2016 11:29 pm
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I have been fostering a puppy! My friend Xio found him in her yard, scared and skittish but still tame enough to lure into her apartment. She was too frazzled to keep him around, so I offered to take him in, since I have some limited experience with handling dogs. Also because he is so dreadfully adorable. I bathed him the first night I got him, he pooped on my carpet. He's had a couple of accidents peeing in the house since but not in the last couple of days! Not only that but he's gone from being super scared of all the things to being relatively calm, and he's even a little playful now. He really just needed a stable place with regular food and walks.

The first morning after I took him in he snuck past me out the door and his idea of playing was goading someone to catch him, which is annoying because this also freaks him out!!! I had to follow him a bit and we went around and around a laundry room. He wouldn't let me get close and I couldn't tell how close he would let me get until too late. Finally I went around the other way and he saw me coming from the direction he was NOT expecting so he froze and let me pick him up. Since then I've been more careful about him being near the door. He is otherwise really good about being left home, as long as I've given him a really long walk beforehand.

I took him with me to the bank on Friday afternoon, and he just walked and walked and walked, even though it was incredibly hot out. This dog has got some kinda stamina. I'm tempted to walk him some 5km just to see how long he'll go. He was avoiding grass for a time, preferring pavement, but now he's enjoying being on the grass and gambols a little, even. I'm very pleased with the progress he's made in the couple short days I've had him. He finds himself a little place to sleep whenever I'm in the room (a shelf of mine, usually, or a crowded corner) but when I get up to leave the room he has to follow to investigate. Even so, he won't come when called, and he doesn't really bond well. He doesn't mind being cuddled but he hasn't instigated it.

He's also not great with big crowds of people--we came across one today while walking on campus and he froze on the middle of the pavement and wouldn't walk some more. I had to nudge him to the side before he was comfortable walking past them. But he is much better than before with strangers. We've also had encounters with other dogs and he at least shows some requisite curiousity about them instead of just running away!

A professor Xio knows is interested in taking him, so we're waiting to hear back from her to see if her family's into the adoption. Xio's also put up Craigslist ads looking for the original owner. Our theories are that the pup either ran away or was abandoned. I'm leaning towards abandoned, considering that Xio found him in her yard and she lives in a house right by the foothills around here which have COYOTES. I'm pretty impressed by how he's survived. But we do think he was owned before: he's good with a leash on, and he's really tame, and he knows how to climb staircases. He's also been relatively easy to housetrain, and I suspect it's because he HAS been housetrained before, once upon a time.

And he is, all told, really adorable! He's really small, with wiry hair on his back. I think he's part dachshund, at the very least. I'm super tempted to adopt him myself, but as long as my schedule is such a see-saw, I don't really have the wherewithal to take on a puppy as young as he is (he's supposed to be about 7 months) and train him the way he ought to be trained. So if there's someone who wants him and has experience with difficult dogs, he should go with them! I'm just glad I got to foster him and help him settle down and come out of his shell a little. The professor was very impressed by him. Fingers crossed puppy gets a home soon! She'll let us know by tomorrow night what the verdict is, and if so, she'll get him on Thursday.

(Xio has been calling him Simon... I just call him "pup pup." I'm very creative.)

I went to class!

Oct. 21st, 2016 10:02 am
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I went to a free "Body Pump" class yesterday, which is mostly light weights with multiple repetitions, which means it's cardio as well. I had a tried a class once before, a couple of years ago, but didn't realize about the multiple reps, so chose weights that were too heavy and could barely move for several days.

This time, I knew better, and the instructor was more informative. I am pretty sore, but I've had worse, and I definitely felt more like myself this morning. I hated having to skip workouts while sick.

I have some residual soreness from Monday's initial return to the gym, under my left shoulder blade and in my left pectoral, near the shoulder joint; I didn't realize it was there until I was mostly done with the Body Pump presses. It seems okay today.

Next week is choir on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, which probably means no workouts unless I can slide one in at lunchtime (and am not too tired). After all those sick days, I suspect my military press will be down to 65 again, and I will work up from 125 on bench press. Again. Sigh.
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This week I'm reading a book for anonymous review, and continuing with the things I was reading in previous weeks, and also reading some magazines.

The Top 50 superheroes thing in Entertainment Weekly magazine was interesting, particularly for the categories they used to grade the characters: "cultural impact" was in there, and "mythology," and "modern relevance." Wonder Woman was number one! Followed by Spiderman, then Batman, then Superman. As expected, way more male than female characters. In no particular order, Storm, Buffy, Kitty Pryde, Supergirl, Invisible Woman, Batgirl/Oracle, Jean Grey, Black Widow, Jessica Jones, and Captain Marvel made the list. It's the sort of thing one can argue about forever, but it was fun to read.

Setback, sigh.

Oct. 18th, 2016 08:12 am
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I went back to the gym last night after two weeks off with a cold. I still felt a little tired, but definitely better than I had been.

Before I got sick, I was bench pressing 135 pounds fairly easily, and planning to go up to 140 next workout. Alas, I am now back to 125 pounds; I could do 135, but it took great effort, and I only managed a couple of sets. I did one at 130 before dropping to 125 and finishing out my sets. *sigh* Based on that, I dropped back to 155 on squats, which worked out okay. On the good side, I tried out my new lifting hooks for the row, 115 pounds, and they worked great! It only took a few reps for me to figure out the best way to take advantage of them.

I got new gym music last week, but none of the songs came up on the shuffle. This morning, I realized I hadn't updated the MP3 player with the new music. D'oh. I added that to my To Do list.

I'm attending my choir concert on Wednesday (I'm not singing this one), so no gym tomorrow night, but there's a free "Body Pump" class on Thursday through dayjob, and I am planning to attend that. Attending various health events gives us points towards a cash bonus in our paycheck.

Ups and Downs

Oct. 17th, 2016 08:51 am
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1. I'm over a hundred pages into the review book!

2. I got very little done at home because I was dogsitting. The dogsitting went okay, so that is good.

3. I bought 3 new pullover sweaters at Burlington Coat Factory, one of them with a V-neck and weird-shaped triangular sleeves, but it is charcoal grey, and I have a weakness for that color. Two are cotton, and the grey one is acrylic. This week, of course, the weather warmed up again, so I can't wear them yet.

4. I also bought a new pair of work trousers to join the other two from the Mall, but then I stupidly put them in the dryer and they shrank and are now over-ankle (they still fit otherwise). AGH WHY SO STUPID. Currently, I have the waistband pinned between two boxes and the cuffs pinned under my dumbbells, 15 pounds each. It appeared to help while the trousers were soaking wet, but am not sure if that will continue as they dry. I guess they can still be worn if the shrinkage remains? Or I should just start getting used to thinking of them as a $30 donation to a fat person who is shorter than me.

5. I made appointments for my annual physical and to have my eyes checked (I go every two years). Both are for the same week in December.

6. I am still coughing stuff up in the mornings, and getting congested in the evening. Luckily, I don't need to sing this week.

7. Ms. 8 and I made many tiny paper hats for octopods last night. Ms. 12's head is now up to my eye level (!).

8. Apparently, my flu shot won't give me a cash bonus through dayjob program because I was proactive and got it 8/23, and they want it to be after 9/1. Pfui!

9. I'm going back to the gym today!

Design dilemmas... and stuff.

Oct. 16th, 2016 01:12 pm
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In these last few months in War Drobe news we at least have places to sit, because we're spending a lot of time there, and we quickly got tired of (and sore) sitting on the floor. Mousie and I grabbed and hauled away two different sofas and an armchair for $150 from the Habitat for Humanity Rehome Store. I figure if they get damaged, if we decide we hate them, whatever, I'm not going to cry over a $44 sofa. =D I also grabbed a $5 chair which I spray-painted gold because. I think I'm going to layer another color over and maybe distress it a bit so the gold peeks through, and then gold leaf some bits of the design and make it really fancy.


The seat was a hideous yellow-y color, so I took the opportunity of testing a pin'trest thing that says you can take acrylic paint, fabric medium, and water and paint fabric with it and it won't be stiff and gross, you guys! They should run that idea past an ASD person first, because while it's not totally plastic, it definitely ain't velvety anymore either.

There's very little we're allowed to do until the official FHA list and inspections are complete and signed off on, so we're only doing little things in our frustrated boredom. Like ripping down the upper kitchen cabinets and cleaning, sanding, and prepping them for repainting, but W wandered into the kitchen and went "...y'know, I think I like it better without uppers."

mid reno kitchen photo. also kitchen lamppost hat. )

I agree. It is a lot lighter and brighter and less...cramped feeling in there without them. It also lets one use the entire counter top, instead of being blocked by the cabinets in front of your face. So after the guys finish doing the walls, we'll just install a narrow shelf and call it a day. W told me he was sorry for having us do all that work first, but I don't mind at all. They're still good solid wooden cabs. Those uppers can be installed somewhere else, like the workshop.

busy work )


Anyway, on to the issues.

We have a wired ceiling medallion in the living room like so:


I like it. We both approve of ceiling medallions in general, and this one in specific. Unfortunately, due to W's head being so unreasonably far off the floor, we cannot have a proper pendant hanging from it, or he's going to constantly have to duck. And it's on our required fixes, and the guys need us to pick out a light so they can get the electrical checklist crossed off. I've been peering at semi flush mount ceiling lights with a sense of restraint, hoping to find something to hand to them this week.

But that's not all, oh no, that is not all. That particular hook up does not have a wall switch, and it would be labor intensive to install one, what with all the plaster, and did I mention we're trying to avoid cracking open walls where we don't have to? Cracking open century old lath-and-plaster walls is a pricey PITA for everyone involved, including the gents doing the work.

So our search got more specific--Semi flush mount ceiling fixture operated with center pull string. It is too specific. Because no matter where we looked, whether online or brick and mortar, that combination gets you this: NOPE. Also expressions of '....nope.' from design and lighting professionals when we stuck our heads in the local shop and asked if people still made stuff like that, but well, prettier and not so ...square, and full of childhood memories. They suggested ceiling fans, in which pull strings are commonplace, and while we appreciate ceiling fans, especially in summer, that leaves W dodging flying blades as well as the light fixture (We left without a light, but they had some other really cool stuff, and I brought War Drobe a mirror on clearance, because it was really reasonably priced and pretty and sized just right). I also stopped W from looking at lampposts. I don't care that he's going to put it outside, we have plenty (we do need a light out front, though. The porch is unlit and we're kinda hard to spot at night).

We've spotted some charming antiques (that will need re-wiring), and completely sold out examples of the kind of thing we need sans pull string (*sigh*), but forget it. W is going to buy a semi-flush mount center pull string fixture, and I'm finding a glass serving platter/bowl/thingy for W to drill a hole in. Maybe something like this, or this, but because I don't want the light to be too harsh or visible, I'd have to hit them with a little Rust-Oleum frosted glass spray first.

Or maybe something like this, which wouldn't require any further treatment but the price point is less forgiving of us accidentally breaking it in the process. (This is a beautiful, more artsy piece, but I can't tell if it would work until I see it in person, and this is gorgeous but probably not translucent enough; it'd dim the light a little too much).

So probably we'd go with the cheaper glass serving dishes for a test run at least; there's no reason we couldn't swap out a bowl later. At least, that's what we're thinking right now. Other ideas are welcome, if y'got any.


Technical diffculties, plz stand by. )


And miscellaneous stuff:

I've moved the plants in mostly, because there's space for the lemon trees in the house at the sunny South and East facing windows (things that do not exist in MIL's house), and the pepper plants are currently all camping out on the sun porch until we get the greenhouse 100% functional; I'm hoping to nurse them the winter, because I really liked some of the varieties I ended up with this year and it'll both save us some money and give us a nice head start to not have to start from seed with all of them.

The lawnmower that W fixed has spit out a gear and a blade. The minivan is kinda...unhappy. We've also noticed that a tree has split in half and one half is now resting on the roof of the Antique Vulture Condo. Argh. This is turning out to be a stressful month. I need Luke Cage to bring me a bag of money. Failing that, I'm working all the OT I'm permitted (Hurricane Matthew has done his part to make that happen ).

It was discovered that we have a deep and creepy AF (mostly) dry well under the loose boards on the back porch/deck. W is delighted. I am... well. This is appropriate. That is all I have to say about it.

But there's good stuff too. We've noticed that one of the local folks raises and sells Mini Nubian goats. Also a place that teaches dressage. There's archery at the park. Farmers sell produce right from their back gates. Also we have a Mediterranean, a Peruvian, a Vietnamese, and a sushi restaurant within a two mile radius of our house. Also a diner. Yeah, I think I like this town.

To Do

Oct. 14th, 2016 08:28 am
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I just looked at my To Do list and I haven't worked on it in weeks. Mostly, I think it had to do with being busy with choir and travel, and of course being sick.

So, goals for next week:

1. Go back to the gym.

2. Choose another "Tidying Festival" item and work on it.

3. Read book for anonymous review.

4. Attend Wednesday concert (the one I'm not singing).

5. If time allows, choose another "Tidying Festival" item and work on it.

That seems doable.

More adventures

Oct. 13th, 2016 08:21 am
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I made it through the concert last night without a coughing fit! I was super hoarse afterwards, but am happy to have gotten to sing BWV 187 and BWV 47. Afterwards, Camille and I split off to buy ice cream at the deli which Ms. 8 calls "Goose Izland" from when she first learned to read, and Camille and her buddies call "Cold Beer." The deli had a line wrapping a third of the way around the store, at close to 9 pm! ???

It turned out the Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus rehearses nearby, and it was their rehearsal break. So I got to tell one of their members that my choir follows them on Twitter (because I am the Twit for my choir).

I ate vanilla ice cream for dinner, and it was oh so soothing for my throat. It mostly only hurts when it gets dry, or I've been coughing a lot. If the last of the congestion doesn't clear out this weekend, I should probably check in with the doctor.

I didn't have enough sleep this week, but am feeling somewhat better today anyway. I hope to go back to the gym on Monday and, hopefully, find out that I can still bench 135. I also want to try out my new lifting hooks for the row, to alleviate some hand strain.

Friday evening begins my weekend of dogsitting, which involves pilling the elder dog, and following different feeding protocols for the two of them. I'm meeting up with Primary Dogsitter on Friday night, so that should help my peace of mind.

Tonight, maybe I'll do laundry! Or just go to bed early.

Wednesday Reading

Oct. 12th, 2016 08:12 am
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I was sick all last week, and ended up mainlining Loaded March by footloose, a Merlin AU in which the knights-plus-Merlin are an SAS team that end up fighting an organization that has magic-users. I'm about halfway through the series now and am still enjoying it, though I confess that once Merlin and Arthur became a couple, I started skipping their sex scenes because I am not in the mood for romance and relationship issues, I just want thriller plot!

I have never actually seen an episode of Merlin, though I've seen a few vids and read a whole swathe of AU fanfiction.

I have a book for anonymous review that is waiting for me once I'm through this week's choir stuff. Concert tonight! Hopefully, my voice will clear up again by this evening.

Five Updates

Oct. 11th, 2016 01:46 pm
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1. I had a lovely time visiting with natlyn; we watched piles of vids and the William Hartnell story "The Aztecs," story six of Dr. Who.

2. My CapClave panels went well! I was very pleased that the panel I moderated flowed very easily with little input from me, while still hitting most of the points I had in my notes. My throat was tired, so this was a good thing.

3. My system appears to be doing well at clearing out gunk, and I am contemplating when it would be wise to return to the gym.

4. I did not have a coughing fit at rehearsal last night, though I got raspy and coughed a bit during BWV 47, mainly because the phrases are really long. OTOH, we have two soloists, which gives us six alti total, which means I have a little (literal) breathing room if needed.

5. Dayjob is back in our normal space, and unpacking is proceeding.

day of rest

Oct. 10th, 2016 01:51 pm
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I have today off to rest up from CapClave and rest before my three-day choir marathon, which is starting tonight.

I think my cold is much better, but I did have a coughing fit last night, and this morning was astounded by the volume of Stuff I was clearing out of my nose. I've already showered twice to help it along.


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