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Aug. 17th, 2017 09:06 am
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The anti-racism march went well; a friend estimated maybe 3000 people attended (the news said 2200, but they based that on replies to the Facebook invite!). A kind soul had brought a pile of ACLU posters to hand out, so I got a "Black Lives Matter" one, which fit the occasion.

I skived off before the speakers, though, as I was pretty tired and had a long walk home. I'm counting that as exercise because my leg muscles certainly felt it.

I met a baby whose dad said this was her first protest outside of the womb. She was really cute. I saw another insanely cute toddler later on, who had disposed of one of her shoes...I didn't rat her out, though, she was giving me the sweet eyes. Also the mom was talking to the dad and I didn't want to interrupt.

Never did manage to meet up with Camille and Barbara, and didn't see Lionel and Shani and their kids, but did run into Amey from choir, Vash from the writing community, and C.'s cousin Grace.

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Aug. 16th, 2017 10:41 pm
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Man I need to get to bed earlier tonight. I went to bed last night at 2, woke up at 10am, which is enough sleep, but by the time I got going, it was afternoon, blergh.

I took a Lyft over to Cellar Door Books, and picked up some books. Linda, the owner, asked me for help getting Latin@ YA and I was like "UH" and had to rack my brain for some names, and asked Twitter. Went to KFC to have lunch, and remembered about WNDB's resources, so I went back to the bookstore.

Anyway, because I was so helpful, Linda told me I was welcome to any of the ARCs in the back room, so I went round the back, and picked up Justina Ireland's Dread Nation, which I'm pretty excited about.

I walked to campus to pick up some more books and clear out my mailbox. Vonnie and I spoke a little--I guess the weight loss is SUPER visible to some people. IDK, I think I look mostly the same.

Walked home with my tea set and water filter, and tomorrow I'll grab the kettle, and then have to figure out how I'm bringing home the posters.

I went to swim later than usual--5pm. Did 4 sets of 6 again, and it got cold again, so I sat in the hot tub again. IDK, I'm not a fan of it. I bought a swim cap and new goggles last night and wish I'd thought about it sooner. I should have also bought a lap counter, too, now that I think of it. But as September rolls in, it will probably get colder? So I'll be at the pool less, probably. I'm gonna see if I can push my laps up to 30 before fall officially gets here, because that would be nice as a personal best. Then I gotta figure out what to do next.

I went to MacDonald's again tonight, this time with a coupon for a Happy Meal. I actually liked it! Four nuggets, half a small fries (SO SMOL!), a chocolate milk, a thing of yogurt (yogurt!!!) and I was actually quite full after. I think that might have been the combo of the yogurt and the milk. I had tummy issues after, which I'll chalk up to the milk, so next time I'll get it with the small orange juice and see how my stomach plays with that, and hopefully it's not the yogurt.

I was thinking of walking to campus to put away some books I'd strewn across a table which was not mine, because Brittany has office hours tomorrow (I think?) so I really shouldn't have all that stuff there. But I thought I'd go home and try to get some sleep early instead, and try waking up earlier.

Wednesday Reading

Aug. 16th, 2017 08:44 am
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I seem to be on a nonfiction binge.

Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman by Anne Helen Petersen is a series of essays on various "non-conforming" female public figures from Serena Williams to Caitlyn Jenner. Each essay shows how perceptions of their public personas interact with American cultural norms and the backlash than ensues. I liked that each chapter focused on a different type of non-conformity. It was a fast, entertaining read, though I did bristle at one passing reference to "Harlequin romances," a phrase which appeared to be used as metonymy for the Romance genre. Really, honey?

From the introduction: this book considers the costs and benefits of smoothing one's sharp edges just enough to make it onto the cover of Vanity Fair or into the pages of GQ, multiplexes across America, or the White House--and the implication that unruliness is still largely the provenance of women who are white and straight.

Favorite quote: It's one thing to argue that you belong--it's another thing to actually believe it. As [Jennifer] Weiner's experience makes clear, part of the difficult, essential work of unruliness is shaking the status quo so thoroughly, so persistently, so loudly that everyone--even the very women behind that agitation, many of whom have internalized the understandings they fight so tirelessly against--can see their value within it.

The Supergirls: Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines (Revised and Updated) by Mike Madrid traces the history of female superheroes from the earliest days of comics to the present. The social history is fairly shallow, but if you're looking for an overview of the topic and a host of characters to research in more depth, you could do worse. Caveat: it's full of observations such as Thorn was as tough as they came, but dressed in a green leather halter-top and micro miniskirt with thigh high boots, she looked more like the entertainer at a bachelor party than the terror of the underworld.

I'd been reading Black and Brown Planets: The Politics of Race in Science Fiction, edited by Isiah Lavender, off and on since maybe January. I'd originally picked it up for the essay about Octavia Butler's short story "The Evening and the Morning and the Night," but the essay I found most rewarding was "Questing for an Indigenous Future: Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony as Indigenous Science Fiction" by Patrick B. Sharp, as it described and connected some historical events of which I'd been ignorant when I read the novel, and which added quite a bit of depth to my understanding of it.

"Monteiro Lobato's O Presidente Negro (The Black President): Eugenics and the Corporate State in Brazil" by M. Elizabeth Ginway, "Mestizaje and Heterotopia in Ernest Hogan's High Aztech" by Lysa M. Rivera, and "Virtual Reality at the Border of Migration, Race, and Labor" by Matthew Goodwin all brought me new insights and new information. High Aztech was a DNF for me back when it was new, so I'm glad I got to read about it from another perspective.

I'm about midway through the Rosa Parks bio, and hope to finish it before I leave on vacation.
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Pretty anticlimactic this time, but W found a tiny tree frog, all covered with dust. He's cleaned it up and released it back outside so it can resume its one-frog concert out there.

Tiny tree frog on W's finger

I'm glad he found it before I dust-mopped the floor. Or stepped on it, for that matter.

March Tomorrow Night

Aug. 15th, 2017 08:55 am
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There's a "Philly is Charlottesville" march in Philadelphia tomorrow night, starting at Rodeph Shalom and ending up at Arch Street Methodist. I am summoning energy to go and be counted. Many events (Tuesdays with Toomey, etc.) have been during work hours, so I haven't been able to attend. This one, I can do.

I might not do a sign. All I can think to paint on one is Fuck Off, Fascists or perhaps Die Nazis Die, which while expressive of my sentiments, are probably not what the organizers are hoping for with this endeavor. High road, high road, high road....

Bruce Campbell is going to be at Barnes and Noble tomorrow night, too, but I am sure he would approve of me missing his visit to punch some Nazis march peacefully on behalf of tolerance.

Gym tonight. That will be a good thing.

Last night I ate a delicious cupcake [personal profile] drinkingcocoa brought me from Georgetown, and cuddled Ms. 9 until she could be cuddled no more and had to climb all over the living room. Ms. 13 and I measured our respective heights. She still has a small fraction to go before she's as tall as me.

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Aug. 14th, 2017 09:42 pm
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So I've been reading in bed, on my phone. That's going pretty okay.

Today, I went to campus, and joined a Moltres raid on the way there. On the way back home, Lewis texted me, saying he was done teaching, so I told him I'd be down to go raiding some more if he had a car. He does, so, we go downtown, we join a Lugia raid, then move over to a Zapdos raid. We wander around spinning stops, come across a couple who had raided with us, and decide to head down to Jurupa Valley for a Moltres. We have to hang out a while, because people are taking time to get there, but with 8 people, we get the Moltres. Then as a group, we head out to an Articuno raid, where we join another group, and make it a raid of 19 people.

I got 4 out of 5 legendaries. Pretty good streak thus far. Lewis finally has a couple of legendaries in his 'dex, too.

When I got home, I decide, well, the sun's going down, but the water might still be warm, so I head out for a swim (this is around 6.40pm). And, well, not only is the sun going down, but the air is WINDY, and the temperature's dipped under 30'c, so the water is warmer, and just, brrrrr.... it's cold enough that I decide to do three sets of 6 laps, which brings my personal best up to 24 laps. Someone else also swam, he came in later, but left earlier. I was gonna skedaddle home right after getting out of the water but it was SO COLD I leapt into the hot tub nearby instead to warm up. It's kinda awkward being in a hot tub with someone else there who you're not talking to!!!

So, yay personal best, but, dammit, my dinner is so fucking late as a result =/ I really must get my day moving earlier so I can eat at actual meal times.

Weekend Weariness

Aug. 14th, 2017 09:53 am
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I did squats, bench press, and row with barbell on Friday night, followed by intervals on the treadmill. The next day I was sore, but still restless, so after I did laundry, I went out shopping, with several things on my mental list. I had dinner with a friend, and on my walk home could really feel all the walking/post-workout soreness in my calves in particular.

Sunday, I did more laundry, dug out my big suitcase that I hadn't used in ages, and did most of my vacation packing. It is amazing how much one can fit into a big suitcase; normally I'm very, very disciplined about packing, and use those bags that suck the air out of piles of clothing, but that wasn't necessary; this trip will be by car rather than airplane. I'm not sure if we'll be able to do laundry that week, and I'd rather bring extra clothes and have space to pack dirty clothes loosely. Plus, there's room for print books! I put some comics in already.

I spent almost the entire weekend offline to spare myself from rage and sorrow as much as possible, which worked to some degree. I was depressed and tired, but found lots of distractions from the news.
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I heard W call me from the other room. I got up off the sofa--and almost ran face first into the bat performing flybys in the living room--the thing he was presumably calling to tell me about. The bat evaded me, W, and the ceiling fan, and swooped up and down the stairwell, at which point I understood pursuit was futile. I briefly contemplating giving up, keeping it forever, and naming it Anakin.

I don't think you understand: I am tired, bat. I'd like to go to sleep. You are cute, but you are being a bad guest.

After a bit of mildly comical dancing around, we were finally able to shoo the bat out the front doors without any damage done, though.

Aw... See ya later, vulture family.

Aug. 12th, 2017 03:57 pm
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Looks like the fledgling has successfully fledged and vulture family has left the barn. See ya next spring, friends.

I remember when the little one was still figuring out flying, just over a month ago. Early on in the flying lessons, bebe got stuck on top of the workshop, made the attempt to reach the barn and failed miserably---then couldn't figure out how to get in (taking off from the ground at such a short angle wasn't going to happen). When it started getting dark and they were still sitting out in the middle of the field looking confused, W and Miss Mousie intervened and eventually herded the youngun around the barn to show them the back door via flashlight.

This fledgling was fun to watch, as s/he seemed to have just as much fun watching us right back. The first one wasn't nearly as inclined to do things like come up to the deck to get a drink of water and watch us through the kitchen windows (or the bathroom), or follow the twins while doing their laps around the property to get in shape for Sheriff's Youth Week. But to be fair, we moved in well after the first one hatched, so they didn't have the opportunity to know us so well.

This one was full of ridiculous. We were treated to such nonsense as watching them discover that rain was wet. See, once bebe had established that they could fly from the barn to the workshop (much like a toddler cruising around the room by using the furniture), they would attempt to sun itself from that perch, wings spread wide, mimicking their parents. This worked out well for several days.

Until the day it poured down rain from morning to evening.

Mousie called us and we came out on the deck to see the poor thing sitting perched on the workshop chimney, wings droopily extended, absolutely drenched, still trying to sun itself in the middle of the downpour. Daddy vulture, understandably concerned, would occasionally attempt to provide aid and comfort, but considering that he too could potentially get too cold and wet to fly well, he'd eventually fly back to the barn. Then it got dark and bebe refused to move. We were relieved to see them safely back in the barn the next day.

My parents are coming over to visit next week, and Mom was kinda disappointed when I reported that it seems they've already left. We knew they'd be leaving the roost sooner or later but we'd hoped they'd stick around 'til Sept. We'll have to take the opportunity to clean up and close up the barn; there's a lot of repairs we're going to have to make. Currently, we're bouncing around the idea of just walling off a section of the hayloft so they don't lose their nesting spot and we don't have the entire ginourmous two story barn being held hostage every summer.

Helsinki 2017

Aug. 11th, 2017 04:00 pm
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The results of the Hugo Awards cheered me up some! I am so proud of friends who got a rocket statue and friends who didn't get a rocket statue. Go you!!!

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Aug. 11th, 2017 09:48 am
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Also, I am completely obsessed with The Defenders, even though it is a week away. Oh, Matt, Jessica, Luke, that other guy!

fannish traces . . .

Aug. 11th, 2017 08:17 am
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I was googling myself the other day, because I got curious -- five or six years ago, an old college boyfriend googled me and found some of my fanfic from the 90s, when we innocently used our real names, assuming things on the Internet would forever be silo'ed.

[That turned out ok, because it was the now-decades old ASJ fanfic I've recently referenced. There was sex in some of them, so that actually was a bit embarrassing. I explained fanfic but since he didn't know the show, for him it was just stories. He ended up reading the whole series, and sent me emails about them over a period of six months or so, which was fun, as I hadn't thought about them in years and it was fun to have such an unexpected reader.]

Anyway, the person who ran the site they'd been republished on later removed my surname, at my request, because we don't cheerfully violate copyright under our real names these days. But I was curious if I was listed in Fanlore or anyplace like that, so I shaped a search with my name and fandom, and the answer is yes I am, attached to zine-based stories and awards. If I hadn't targeted the search, I suspect it would have been buried under my professional conferences and publications, and anyway, it doesn't really matter because fandom studies is long established as an academic thing.

I also discovered that in a recent academic book on Doctor Who fandom, a piece that I scripted and a friend drew back in the early 80s was actually cited in one of the articles, in a favorable way. At the time (just like now) I was not a congoer and the editor of the zine never sent me my contributor's copy, so I only saw the actual zine years later when the artist found a used one in a dealers' room and got it for me. (I had some xeroxes of our finished piece, meantime.) But years later, this fandom scholar had access to the zine. So very funny -- I've been cited before, but always for my critical pieces, not for a creative transformative work . . .Also, it was in a series of fandom studies books from a particular press, and I nearly bought the Dr. Who one at a conference, but ended up buying the Buffy one instead. If I had got the Dr. Who one, what a surprise that would have been, when I got to that article!

[meme] pick a number, get a song.

Aug. 10th, 2017 11:15 am
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This is reminding me of the Sgathan an Rian. (Ok and Assassin's Creed as well, but more than likely it's because the designers are drawing from the same historical well of fashion inspiration.) (via [personal profile] umadoshi)

I'm doing a bunch of drawing today; I need something light to do on the breaks. So it's time for a meme! Select a number (or numbers, whatever), and I'll link you a song from the FiLWaG reboot writing playlist. (If you're new and curious there's a bunch of short descriptions here, and bits of writing from all over this universe are here under the tag.)

1. Markkastanen "Mark" Sartain
2. Zion E Reese
3. Adavidarian "Davy" Sartain
4. Stone Peridot*

*Given the length of his timeline, you are no longer guaranteed to get a punk song if you pick him. Shocking, I know. There is also a small but non-zero chance of one of Fen's obsession-songs cropping up.


Aug. 10th, 2017 08:58 am
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I am frustrated with my stress eating and my blood sugar and my weight gain this year, and also feeling depressed and helpless about it. And worrying about both politics and money, when usually it's only money and wanting to live alone but not having the money for it, that's a constant background whine.

(I am not in debt, which I know is great. This is the background Fear of Falling Into Poverty that is pretty much a constant even though I have a decent job and make more than most of my family members; it emerges more under stress. It also relates to worrying about my family being able to take care of themselves.) She says, in parentheses!

ETA: Hufflepuff, did you notice?

Time is an issue. I need to think about how to manage it better when I spend 40 hours a week at work, and about six hours at the gym. I am usually too tired to cook, or too busy, even though I know how and enjoy it. Managing time might help me to eat better and exercise better. I also feel like I could be writing, and making extra money doing that, but really don't have the spare energy/mental space for it at the moment.

I decided to switch up my workouts again, to see if that will help with everything. Also, workouts are Accomplishments. Monday, I did pushups, with my hands in normal position and also closer in, which is harder for me. I attempted standing on a box with one leg to lower and lift the free leg. I was terrible at that, especially on the left side, but could definitely feel the ache the following day! Then I did some familiar stuff, like leg and butt lifts and tricep exercises, and bounced a ten-pound medicine ball for variety. I sweated a lot.

Last night, I was still sore, mostly in my shoulders, so I tried fifteen minutes on a Spinning bike, alternating standing with sitting. The sitting is really uncomfortable because of the narrow seat! Then I did fifteen minutes on a recumbent bike, not something I really do much. I sweated a lot doing those things, too.

Not sure about Friday, but maybe one of those horrific stair machines or something? And looking up some other bodyweight exercises.

I'll be on vacation from the 19th to the 25th or 26th...not sure how much exercising will happen that week. But hopefully, it will be good for me mentally.
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I forgot to include my fanfiction reading last week, so I'll do two weeks worth of recs in one post.

Better Than To Bend by silentwalrus is a WWII-era threesome (Peggy Carter, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers) with splendid dialogue and sex scenes I read all the way through and enjoyed. (I've written too much erotica, I think; I get bored easily.)

Emergency Contact by Feldman has Avengers characters turned back into teenagers, but I swear it is good even if you hate that trope. One of the "kids" is Nick Fury, which I loved, but I wanted there to be more of him.

Twelve Birds of Christmas by adi_rotynd features Sam Wilson and a lot of birds and bird crap and also Odin. It is delightfully weird. Incidental threesome (Sam/Steve/Bucky).

Franklin P. Nelson: Super-Attorney by enthusiasmgirl is, well, what it says on the tin. Foggy ends up as the attorney of record for various superheroes, since Matt keeps having to take sick days. Also, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) went to law school with Foggy and Matt, which is so brilliant I want it all the time. Like, a whole series of them together.

Oasis by sholio is a perfect story when you are feeling stressed; Pepper asks Bucky to create a rooftop garden for Stark Tower. I could read a whole series of this, too.

we'll all arrive in heaven alive by napricot is a post-WWI Wonder Woman story in which Diana decides to bring Antiope and Steve Trevor out of the underworld. It has loads of cool Greek underworld details. Hades and Persephone for the win! Let me know if you need spoilers.
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So I was gonna do a cheerful 'how are you' post, but fuck it, let me be real. It's 3 weeks later and I still feel gutted at some point or another every time I turn my tunes on. My recommendations are really not helping. I was gonna go crawl back into my corner with my beer again but I'm trying to stop that shit, so I'm sharing. Feel free to scroll on by. I don't mean to make my whole circle feel like shit.

But hey, if you already still feel like shit over dead musicians (or you feel like shit about something else or everything in general and you wanna displace it onto dead musicians, fuck if I know what's going on) and you feel weird about it, don't worry, I got you covered. Have a seat and listen and sing along. I've been weird since the early 70's, I've made my peace with it. It's okay to still be sad over dudes I don't know and don't know me yet have made my existence quite a bit better for around two decades. Especially if I keep getting sideswiped by their songs without warning. See, I'm nice. I'm warning you.

3 vids below the cut. LP & Cornell's briliant and chill-inducing duet. The Pretty Reckless muscling her way through tears and belting out an Audioslave cover--oh honey--and of course, Eddie Vedder. Do Not Die, Eddie, OK? )

I dunno why it's still such a gut-punch. A mix of survivor's guilt and the anticipation of more loss to come, maybe? There's always loss. Can't hide from that in a pretty little house in the suburbs, right? Can't bury it in a garden, it pops back up. And I'm almost out of beer.

Well, I got an interview tomorrow and another on Thursday. I've snagged a position in Amazon already, but I'd still like to see what the others have to offer. Got a project I'm working on here as well. I'm remembering how pen and ink works. Life goes on until it doesn't. In the meantime, I'm still here.
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W: You tried to shoe me.

Me: I did what now?

W: You tried to shoe me. Like a horse. I was on the bed and you were scraping my feet to prepare them for shoes.

Me: XD Really?

W: Yes. You were telling me they'd be so much better when you were done. Then I said "...Y'know what, I think this is dream."

Me: Uhhuh. Good call.

W: And then you stopped and looked at me and said "Yeah, y'know, I think this is a dream, too. This doesn't seem like something I'd do. I would not try to do this on the bed." So then the dream just faded out.

Me: Yep, that sounds like me. So your dream collapsed under the weight of our collective dream logic.

W: *preparing to go to MiL's to replace more plumbing* Alright, we're leaving.

Me: *griiiiin* So do you want me to put your shoes on now?

W: Stop it. That's creepy. You're creepy.

Me: *calls after him* Pony boy! C'mere Poooony Boooy.


So while I'm here, Imma just gonna dump some of these tabs. Hope you don't mind.

Evidence That Humans Had Farms 30,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought | Ars Technica

Cenozoic Creatures As Awesome Or Even Moreso Than Dinosaurs | Accpaleo Blog
It's an old post from 2015, but I keep misplacing it. I keep it as a companion to this cool Cenozoic Animal vs Modern Human Size Comparison Video, which is a great little resource since my Faerie is populated with critters that date back to the Cenozoic.

Aboriginal Archaeological Discover in Kakadu Rewrites The History of Australia | The Sidney Morning Herald
Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for a minimum of 65,000 years, a team of archaeologists has established - 18,000 years longer than had been proved previously and at least 5000 years longer than had been speculated by the most optimistic researchers.

150 Greatest Albums Made By Women | NPR
"This list, of the greatest albums made by women between 1964 and the present, is an intervention, a remedy, a correction of the historical record and hopefully the start of a new conversation. Compiled by nearly 50 women from across NPR and the public radio system and produced in partnership with Lincoln Center, it rethinks popular music to put women at the center."

I squeed over the inclusion of so many personal favorites and also found some great new old stuff to listen to.

Unlearning The Myth of American Innocence | The Guardian

This article fascinates me. This woman's experience sums up EVERYTHING I know about the area I live in. Wall is literally 10 minutes from here. Some musings from my experience of what's described in the article. Blather regarding race, class, defaults, etc. )

Hey Jeff Sessions: Remember When 6,000 White Americans Went on Strike to Keep 8 Black People From Getting Promoted? | The Root
It happened in Philly in 1944, thereby actually putting our own forces at risk because it totally interrupted wartime production and shipping. But it is as some folks have observed: Americans will absolutely destroy themselves just to keep from having to share anything with other Americans. This is literally why none of us can have nice things. This is the actual history to throw back in the teeth of 'the poor oppressed white male' narrative, not that our current government gives two shits about real life or facts.

Speaking of real life and facts here's someone's history-based long read attempt to explain why most Americans seem to think their beliefs are the exact same thing as your facts (or you can just operate from the principle that everyone in America from its founding on is insane and it's just turtles all the way down. Honestly, it will make little difference, but at least the article helps describe/explain the specific ways America is insane.)

How America Lost Its Mind | The Atlantic

There are flaws if you want to nitpick, but overall it does pretty well illustrating the general thrust and flow of how things went and how the American psyche works. As far as biases go, the writer does come off a bit 'hard rational' which as a Thing is responsible for poisoning the well and creating these problems in the first place.

It is mentioned in the article as a series of things the government did that allowed for disillusionment, but it doesn't address the idea that the seeds were there from the very beginning and Calvinist frameworks are not known for their tolerance or forgiveness. So not only are we entitled to our own beliefs, but there's violent anxiety and fear of hell/shunning/scarlet letters/loss of social currency* as well when you're wrong in the country's psychological stew.

Also well. America is multicultural, it's too late to try to take that back. It's a haven for religious outcasts, and it has more space, comparatively speaking, than many older monocultural countries that supplied her immigrants. So people find it easy to stand their ground on 'alternative' beliefs, and if people around them don't like it (and demonstrated their dislike from everything involving shunning to mass murder), they tended to move and start settlements. From the early 19th century onward, people created 'utopias', with like-minded souls. Now people everywhere can demonstrate that flocking behavior online.

*and literally social currency is the only thing keeping most people's heads above water these days, 'cause gods knows there's no safety net otherwise--without social currency you cannot get work, your business does not turn a profit, then you wind up with no home, no food--or you might just be POOR--which in turn means you continue to exist somehow but without friends/tribe AND with material evidence that God hates you and YOU have now become one of the people you were comfortable despising before you lost your social cred and all your worth. Forgiveness doesn't come easy among the Calvinist-spawned, and without that forgiveness, that anxiety tells you that you might actually die. Unfortunately, in this case, your anxiety may not be wrong.

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Aug. 8th, 2017 02:19 am
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Today I did a rare thing: I had rice porridge for the first time in a while, with some spam, and for dinner I went to McDonald's, about two blocks away. Apparently it's been there a while and got refurbished? IDK. I tried out the touchscreen menu thing and ordered food without talking to anybody. This is how I found out that it is possible to get only FOUR pieces of chicken nuggets, not the 10 on the main menu, not the 6 I grew up with. So that is what I did. I also treated myself to a chocolate milkshake, but alas, it was too sweet to be really satisfactory.

It was also really cold inside, where the cushioned seats were, so bleh. I went to sit outside on the patio for a while and that was nice, but blah, the seats were not comfy. So much for trying to get some book reading or writing done.

I really should try to get out to campus tomorrow, maybe do a hike (and see if I can get a clipping of my favourite rosebush while I'm out there). I need to clear out my office some more too.

Still no work from my adviser on the state of my dissertation. I hope it's not because it's too much garbage to wade through.

I'm otherwise feeling pleased because I finally finished reading a couple of back issues laying in my e-reader, and am now going to read the August Lightspeed issue. I'm a bit tired from staring at the screen a lot and should try to figure out some better reading habits. But the rest of my room is overwhelming (or boring) to look at (I keep thinking I need more containers or whatever). I don't like looking out the window because it's so fucking bright. Gaaahhh IDK.

Last night Emily called me because I felt particularly moody and we chatted for several hours as we took our respective walks. I have discovered it is possible to run Pokemon Go while on the phone in this way.

I swam 18 laps today in under an hour! I feel ready to try for 21 next time ^^

Score Five for Me!

Aug. 7th, 2017 08:16 am
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I did not change my sheets this weekend as I would have liked to do. However, that was not on my list of five goals! So go me anyway!

I exercised Friday night, despite not feeling terrific. It was not my best workout, as I had expected. But I think it was probably good for me.

I ate Korean barbecue on Saturday, followed by homemade cheesecake at friend B's house, and looking at travel photos of C's trip to Turkey (some of which I had missed the first time around). I also got to pet B's super-fluffy cat Pretty. Pretty is reportedly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she sure is - you guessed it - Pretty.

Sunday, I dragged myself out of bed early and did laundry before heading out to the Second Street Festival on Sunday, where I bought some lovely soap and part of a host gift. Then I went back across town to hang out with Ms. 9, who is getting over a cold. She was feeling good enough to eat all of her beef stew and also to finish off mine.

Staying off the internet worked out well because I was too busy to log on, except to google something for Ms. 9.

Two more weeks before I go on vacation with C., to visit L., who used to have a LiveJournal but abandoned it for the Book of Faces.
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. . . and that (my previous post) makes me think of fannish trauma, which is I guess what I need to call it.

I 'ship the hell out of Peggysous -- Peggy Carter + Daniel Sousa forever, as far as I'm concerned. And yet, it rips my heart out every time I watch the end of Captain America: First Avenger and see Peggy and Steve saying goodbye and then seeing him wake up decades later. The love that could have been.

(It's also interesting that Chris Evans thinks they never got to, you know, but Haley Atwell has suggested they were at it during odd moments all over Europe. The hopeless romantic viewpoint versus the more pragmatic "they were soulmates, it was wartime, of course they did".)

And every subsequent Cap or Avengers film where Peggy is referenced. Tears me up, every single time. Because even though I love Peggy and Daniel, I mourn for Peggy and Steve. I'm a sap like that.

Meanwhile, I just rewatched Jessica Jones (for, um, the fourth time) prior to The Defenders coming out soon. And Jessica/Luke just rips my heart out, especially those final episodes where he's been Kilgraved and she thinks it's real. Where while he's unconscious, she says she never saw a future with anyone, but she could have seen a future with him, and she would have liked that future.

And then in Luke Cage, they paired him with Claire Temple, whom I adore. I have loved Claire in every one of the Netflix-Marvel shows, and she was nearly the only thing that made Iron Fist bearable for me. (Jeri Hogarth's cameos helped, too.) And Defenders previews make it clear that when Luke gets out of prison, he and Claire are back together. (Claire using his catchphrase "Sweet Christmas!" during IF also kinda made it clear they were keeping in close touch while he was away.)

Claire is so much more emotionally stable than Jessica, and she was smart enough to walk away from Matt Murdock because she saw the darkness in him. Claire is quite literally the best. BUT . . . of course there is a but.

I'm not a comics reader, and the only thing I knew about Jessica Jones going in (besides that I've always liked Krysten Ritter) was that she was Luke Cage's wife and that they had a child together. And Ritter and Mike Colter had chemistry that just burned up the screen. So when they ended up apart at the end of the series, I wasn't too worried. Heck, Claire even seemed to be shipping them, in her cameo appearance.

Except for the case of Steve Rogers and the Carters. Because (and don't laugh too much at me, if you're Marvel-literate and you're reading this), I do know that in the comics, Steve is with Sharon Carter. And that when the MCU pushed that in the last movie, it did not really seem to take for a lot people, including me. Now there are rumors about that Comic Con reel and whether Steve will try to use one of the infinity stones to bring Peggy back somehow.

But the comics' Peggy was blonde and American, not brunette and British. And she ended up with a Howling Commando, not an SSR officer. She's kind of not entirely the same character.

Which is me trying to differentiate. Because I need Jessica/Luke to be the endgame. But I don't know comics Jessica at all, and if she's less messed up than tv Jessica by the time she and Luke become a thing. I cannot imagine Ritter's Jessica as the mother of a child, at least not until a lot more character development and emotional healing happens. I do know that Luke is with Claire in the comics at one point and she leaves him because . . . well, for similar reasons to why she never hooked up with Matt. So maybe if the shows continue long enough . . . but I'm rarely the kind of 'shipper who gets this invested. What is it about Jessica/Luke for me?

The other thing I loved rewatching is the friendships. Especially Jessica and Trish. I was surprised to see there were more Jessica/Trish stories on AO3 than Jessica/Luke, because I love them so much as a friendship, complicated but so deep, and sex makes it almost cliched. (I was really disturbed to see how much Jessica/Kilgrave has been written, by the by . . . ) Also Jessica and Malcolm's friendship and how the caretaking roles reverse as Malcolm's true self emerges. So glad to see Eka Darville's name in the cast list for The Defenders; wish I'd seen Rachael Taylor's there, too, but maybe we'll get a Trish Talk cameo or something . . .

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