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Nov. 21st, 2014 08:55 pm
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- This morning I found a calico kitty nomming on stuff I left outside. I've seen her before, and while she doesn't look incredibly underfed (unlike patchy kitty last year who was so thin I could see her ribcage) she ate with a gusto that I don't think she would have if she had an owner. She seems really skittish, although I think with time I could get her to trust me. We'll see.

- I wrote 2000 words this afternoon during the write-in.

- PK and I went to JoAnn's and I fretted about stuff. There's a 5-piece sewing roller which I'm tempted to get, and it'll be on sale in a couple of days, about $80 cheaper than it usually is. I bought some embroidery thread and an inordinate number of beads. Also some cheap fabric, which I think would make a great bra for Nisi when I finally figure out the pattern for her bra. I also went to the kids' craft aisle and got some alphabet beads. I want to make a necklace that says "FEMINAZGUL" because I think that will be amusing. Uhm. I used a $50 off for a >$150 purchse coupon. I suppose I really should stop doing that and use the stuff I buy.

- Dinner tonight was leftover chicken meat, mixed with alfredo sauce and cheese, and dinner rolls I forgot I had. I attempted some baked potatoes but apparently I am a failure and forgot to soak them first so they are pretty much ruined now. I'll do better next time.
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[personal profile] trille is the best and vidded the Pens hugging. A lot. "" Then she dedicated it to me, possibly because we are on a journey of Pinot Noir discovery together and hot damn, I am on an unbelieveable streak of buying tasty wine at bargain prices.

She is right in saying that the Pens hugging cheers me up because it does. My right arm has had meningitis since Wednesday (vaccination, calm down people) and it is swollen and it hurts and guys, guys, DUPER. DUPER. ㅠ.ㅠ DUPER. And. Also, sometimes I need cheering up because trille starts vidding and then she shows me hugs and stuff THAT SHE HAS TAKEN OUT and it makes me SAD. Do you even want to guess how many hugs she took out of this video? MOAR HUGS. ALWAYS MOAR HUGS.

Um. If you want to see grown men hugging because they've done the most ridiculous thing on ice that could happen next to using a broom to brush it really haaaaard, please check out the most feel-good Pens hugging vid ever, either on trille's dw | ao3.

I wish I could update here more than simply linking to trille's vids but honestly, most of my fannishness in this fandom is expressed through clapping at hugs, making derogatory remarks about the team my team are playing aginst, making fun of facial hair and shouting "he's just a BOY" at the screen whenever they show Olli Maatta on screen. Actually, no, I do have something to say. I am going to use this space to declare the start of my campaign to get trille to vid Downie's hilarious stupid face in the penalty box to 'I want to break free'. Also, trille has given me Sidney Crosby Moustache Stockholm Syndrome. Stop looking at me like that, it's a real thing.

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Nov. 21st, 2014 12:29 am
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- I was really tired afternoon for some reason, and had to head home in the afternoon to nap.

- PK and I tried to go to the GradBash but there were too many people (the perils of arriving late) so we went to have pizza at some other place instead. She's working on her UCR application, and I'm working on an application and a prospectus. Afterwards I went back to campus.

- I think I've finished my fellowship application. Waffling on adding a couple more things... I'm still 150 words short of the 1000-word limit.

- I also started putting together the SEAsteampunk manuscript. Life just hit me so hard it had to be waylaid for a while but I began to re-read everything again I'm getting excited about it ALL OVER AGAIN LIKE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT A GREAT ANTHO THIS IS GOING TO BE

- Tomorrow PK and I will go to JoAnn's in the afternoon. Hopefully over the weekend Nalo will be free to go watch THE BOOK OF LIFE and I can pass her some worm poop like I promised. (I went through the container again, and found even more eggs and baby worms BABY WORMS ARE THE CUTEST OMG)

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Nov. 20th, 2014 11:55 pm
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So I hear that an email containing this open letter to a particular professor at my last university calling him out on his shit especially after his response to the disruption of an event at which an oil company executive was invited to start a series on women's success.

The email is from riseup.net which as far as I can tell is some sort of off-grid email system for anarchists to avoid being traced.

*leans forward in deep interest because the cyberpunk story I've been working on runs along these lines*

(Seriously though I've taken a course with Dr. Giroux and wow, let's just say only a certain kind of person continues to admire him after prolonged exposure.)

Awesome Choral Event Alert!

Nov. 20th, 2014 09:30 am
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For choral music fans, and early music fans, in the Philly area and environs, this is an event not to be missed.

Bach's Christmas Oratorio on New Year's Eve!!! Buy tickets here.

Johann Sebastian Bach compiled his so-called "Christmas Oratorio" BWV 248 for the Christmas Season of 1734 in Leipzig. The name genre "Oratorio" is slightly misleading, in that the Christmas Oratorio is in actuality a collection of six Cantatas that were performed during the major Feasts of the Christmas Season, starting with Christmas Day and ending January 6th (the Feast of the Epiphany and the end of the 12 Days of Christmas).

Choral Arts will perform J. S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in its full form. One of Bach’s larger works, the Christmas Oratorio is infrequently performed in its entirety, due to the fact that each cantata within the work has a different instrumentation. Additionally, the work has particularly virtuosic choral and solo writing, making the piece inaccessible to many ensembles.

In the popular tradition of many European orchestras, choirs, and opera companies, Choral Arts Philadelphia will present the Christmas Oratorio on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2014, at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral. An extended intermission will take place where food and drink concessions will be available.

Wednesday December 31, 2014
Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral
13 South 38 Street, Philadelphia PA

Parts I - III
4:00 - 5:30 p.m.


Parts IV - VI
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Student $15
Senior $30
General Admission $45

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Nov. 19th, 2014 11:56 pm
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Yesterday I wrote some more words on my statement.

Today, I administered a make-up exam and hung out with students briefly. I added more words to my statement.

I saw this call for submissions for Canadian steampunk and I may have gotten a little overexcited.

More words for NaNo. First big plot crisis! Yay!

Wednesday Reading

Nov. 19th, 2014 09:02 am
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I mentioned earlier this week that I read Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith - this is the one with a cast that is diverse both racially and romantically, and plus there's a lot of stuff about fighting and PTSD. So as you can imagine if you know me, I ate it up with a spoon, and am looking forward to the sequel. Also, I am looking forward to the fanfiction I hope it will generate.

The best fanfiction I read this week was waiting for the winter by coldhope - it's yet another Bucky Gets His Brain Back story, but it has some different and interesting angles, and nice roles for the other Avengers. I recommend this one.

For those of you who are reading the SallyExactly Team Delta stories, there's a new part of Partners up this week.

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Nov. 18th, 2014 09:00 pm
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Ugh. I just saw STORMDANCER in a friend's syllabus on international steampunk

Can we please stop legitimizing white Orientalist fantasies esp when they're done blithely with no care as to the larger ramifications of appropriations?
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Dreamwidth saved a draft for me from June, 2012. Thanks, DW, that was nice of ya.

Updated my profile to reflect the fact that I'm not really here anymore- but I figure I should sweep the cobwebs off the lintel once in a while.

Life continues apace; I live in Ohio with the girlfriend now and I work for a mental health nonprofit, while juggling some part time retail and market research bullshit on the weekends.

I haven't written anything in over two years, and I do miss it. There are still stories in my head, but they're much quieter than they used to be. And I'm happier than I have been in a while, I think. Or maybe I'm too busy to notice if I'm unhappy, but I'm pretty sure what I'm feeling these days is contentment. So maybe my words will return now that my life is a little bit more stable.

Shit, maybe I am back- I've been lamenting the fact that tumblr is just no good for proper, instrospective, navel-gazing nattering. In the event that I do end up posting here more than once a decade, it'll probably be under limited access, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens, I suppose.

Forever - new tv series

Nov. 18th, 2014 09:31 am
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I'm five episodes into a new tv show, Forever, that stars Ioan Gruffudd (as Henry Morgan) and Judd Hirsch (as Abe). It has echoes of Highlander: The Series in that its protagonist is immortal and there are occasional flashbacks to his past that reflect on the present-day plot. It's also a cop show, since Henry Morgan is a Medical Examiner who ends up working a lot with a female cop, Jo Martinez, played by Alana De La Garza. Henry's long experience gives him exceptional deductive skills, so there's a hint of Sherlockian plot influence, as well.

Three Things I Love About This Show:

1. Ioan Gruffudd - aging very nicely, plus accent. But also his character is and always has been a doctor, and maintains his empathy for others despite his long life. I find it very easy to sympathize with his character.

2. There's a male/female partnership between Henry and Jo, but it's not romantic!!! Jo is recently widowed; Henry less-recently lost his wife Abigail, but he can't reveal that fact without giving away his immortality. It is very, very nice to see them slowly becoming more friendly, and yet have the story be free of a romantic plot bludgeon.

3. Abe was a baby that Henry and Abigail took in during WWII, who now runs an antique store and lives there with Henry. So, essentially, he's Henry's son who now looks older than him. Their affection is palpable, and is a major attraction for me on this show.

Three Silly Things About This Show That Don't Actually Bother Me That Much:

1. When Henry temporarily dies, he resurrects in water, naked. Yet he has this pocketwatch, very important to the plot of the first episode, which he somehow has kept for quite a while. A friend suggested he stowed it inside himself to ensure its safety, but...yeah. The watch has quietly slid from view in the following episodes.

2. Abe was rescued from a concentration camp, and as a baby is shown with a number tattooed on his forearm. As an adult, he still has the tattoo, which makes for a striking visual segue, except it's still crisp 60-odd years later. Tattoos fade and spread; this one didn't. Maybe it's an experimental tattoo method, and gives him mutant powers.

3. I doubt a NYC Medical Examiner, especially a senior one, really has time to dash around with the cops solving crimes.

Gym Update

Nov. 18th, 2014 09:18 am
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Boring details, with a warning because I complain about my weight and whine about lack of progress, I know it's better to work out than not, but I still am neurotic about it:

I had two weeks in a row that were so busy I only managed one workout per week. I brought workout clothes to World Fantasy and on Friday used the hotel gym for a half-hour of treadmill and some upper body work with dumbbells. I think the hotel treadmill was more cushioned or perhaps just less old than the one in my gym, because I didn't feel nearly as much leg soreness.

Last Friday, I did an hour on the elliptical and the dumbbell exercises. The 30-pounders for bench press are still a bit of a strain, which bums me out. Should probably go back to 25 for a while longer. Or switch back to barbells. I've been avoiding the big weight room because it's always so crowded and all the enormous young men hog the equipment, and don't remove their plates from the bars when they're done, and leave the bars up too high so I can't easily remove the plates, and and and. The same complaints I had when I was using the big weight room regularly, but for some reason I have less energy to deal with it right now. There isn't any other alternative for doing squats, though, not with a decent amount of weight, and I worry my muscle is shrivelling away.

Last night, I did a half-hour of treadmill but I had to go slower than usual for most of it, 2.8 MPH as opposed to 3 MPH; it was muscle pain more than heart rate, I think, but I just felt way more tired than usual. But I don't appear to be getting sick. I didn't do any weights or anything after that, but I did make the mistake of weighing myself and I appear to have put on even more weight. Maybe I've been stress-eating more than normal? Maybe this is some middle-aged thing? Or worse. It made me worry about my blood sugar being a little high, and the family propensity for Type II diabetes. Worse, I think the extra weight is making me more tired than I want to be. And if I'm tired, I feel like I need food, and I don't want to work out as hard, and, and.... My annual doctor appointment is in early December, so I will definitely talk about this with her.

This is not the best time of year to really do anything about the gym, because it's packed with choir stuff and holiday travel. But I am thinking of ways to shake up my schedule, and if I want to spend money on a trainer again.

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Nov. 18th, 2014 07:28 am
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OK, Sleepy Hollow, just when I was despairing, that was a really good one. Here be spoilers: Read more... )
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Our five year old refrigerator has died. All of my instincts say "get it repaired" but M thinks it is the condensor coil and since it is "apartment sized" (full height, or nearly, but 2/3 the size of yours, if you are a house-dweller) it will be inexpensive to replace, probably about the same cost as the major repairs it would require. But we have purged the fridge, will be eating from the freezer for a couple of days, and then will be living on immediately purchased groceries or takeout until TBDelivered.

Figures I had *just* gone to the English shop in the West Village and stocked up on chipolatas for M.

Hey, we were talking about the Internet in class and one student was listing off social media like "facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, myspace if it still exists." So I said " . . . livejournal." And the kids were like "livejournal, is that something new?" The first student was all "livejournal is making a comeback," but I may have singlehandedly ruined that by saying "it's social media used by old folks like me . . . "

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Nov. 17th, 2014 10:20 pm
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Today I actually managed to work. It's nice to feel a lift in the mental fog. I even got out to listen to the Belltower and as I listened, I wrote one more page of my prospectus. I don't think I'm even going to hit a dozen pages (most proposals are, I think, fifteen) but even if I hit ten pages, I think they will be ten good pages.

I even got to the NNWM write-in, and wrote 1700 words.

I finished grading. I had a very good chat with my supervising prof. She even bought my books =) I also had a chat with a lecturer of German in the department as well about Star Trek because she saw my Blak Trek sweater.

I had put the crockpot to cook a small chicken all day and it was good with rice. I didn't finish the meat but I may mix it in with the minced beef when I get around to making lasagna.

My dad called and we had a good long talk, mostly about earthworms. Which was pretty exciting stuff. My dad's a composter himself, but a very lazy one. He has a kind of terra preta sort of system in the backyard trough where he dumps organic stuff. But we are both very conscientious about separating our garbage like that. I told him about what it's like to do vermicomposting and he sounds interested and recalled seeing an article in the local newspaper about someone who exports worms. Turns out there IS a worm farm company in Port Klang, although they don't seem to sell just worms--you have to buy the whole kit and caboodle, worms and box and worm food, which seems exceedingly silly to me.

Tomorrow I hope to get through the talk in the afternoon and maybe write some more NNWM words, and finally begin writing my application for the fellowship; it's due next week, eep.

New Flight Rising Players!

Nov. 17th, 2014 12:45 pm
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If you registered for Flight Rising today, please note that there is a Dreamwidth community called flight_rising that you can join.



Nov. 17th, 2014 08:24 am
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I know it's not Wednesday, but I wanted to report I'd read Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith, and that I liked it a lot, and I'm ready for the sequel now.

Worm harvesting!

Nov. 16th, 2014 10:51 pm
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I said to my friend Rubato yesterday, everything feels like it takes so long in Southern California. It's so exhausting. I wake up to do one thing and suddenly it feels like that's the only thing I can do all day. Part of it for me is the suburban sprawl. But I don't know, it feels strange, that I'm so unproductive here.

Anyway, the highlight of today! Was harvesting my worms' poop for the first time, officially! I've done it before, of course, as part of the outdoor adventure, but this is the first indoor one. Pictures of the process here. I distributed some of it in my garden, and have some leftover in a clear plastic tub. Because my bin was really damp, there were these little mites being part of the ecosystem, and they have been coming out of the dry castings, confusedly wandering along the walls of the plastic tub.

Rubato also drew me a Chinese steampunk earthworm mascot yesterday which appears to be becoming the theme of my life: blending all my hobbies together. I'll go to JoAnn's sometime to see what I can find for making a plush worm XD

My eyes are kind of sandy, and I think it's because I wore eyeliner yesterday. I've noticed this in the past where if I wear eye makeup for protracted periods of time, my eyes are super sandy the next day and it just feels like I'm sleepy although I'm probably not.

Anyway, I also did laundry, and it's exciting when I do laundry. Laundry is so great. Even better, when I got the laundry out of the dryer, I decided to pour it all on my bed and burrow under it, pulling my comforter on top to maintain the temperature. As one does, as an adult, right?

I had a very strange dream of being a butler-robot forced to accompany my mistress back in time to nurse her mother through her birth. Then giant robots attack and the baby escapes with the father, but I have to watch the mistress and mother die. And there is a causal loop occurring, and each time the deaths escalate in violence until my character tries to break the causal loop somehow. I don't know if it happened because I woke up because a crazy crab robot was trying to kill me and I noped out of the dream!

(Before that there was another dream about a sea captain who ignored this girl and her pet something on a raft, then on a boat, because she was some sort of bad omen, and then suddenly all the ships he and his crew came across were ghost ships, and his crew began mysteriously dying, until he finally decided to rescue the mystery girl, who then recruited him to go on some land-locked mission with her. I don't really know how this transitioned into the time travel giant robot explosions, sorry.)

I actually got out to the grocery store, which was fairly impressive. I actually have a whole chicken from my last trip to 99 Ranch which I'm going to put into the crock pot tomorrow, and I also bought some lasagna things... gonna try making lasagna sometime this week for the first time! The catfish nuggets I bought, though, smelled a little funky.

Meme time!

Nov. 16th, 2014 05:38 pm
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I had a lot of fun doing this last year, so let's have another go-round!

December Talking Meme

Pick a date below and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything from fandom-related (specific characters, actors, storylines, episodes, etc.) to life-related to whatever you want.

They may be brief, or not, depending on the subject. Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet, but I will write something for you if I do that.

I'll also tentatively accept fic prompts, if that's the way your heart goes. <3

Bring me the finest dates in all the land! )

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