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Jul. 23rd, 2016 10:44 pm
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....Yup, Sorting Hat still shoves me into Gryffindor. I'm pretty sure there isn't a Gryffindor alive that I wouldn't want to smack--or at least make to shut up and sit down for a minute, jeez. *cough* anyway, yeah, where was I?


There's only one plumbing inspector for our township, so the sewer hook up's not until August 2nd. In the meantime, all the wallpaper's been ripped down, and we're having minor drama about the walls. They're plaster. They've seen better days. I'm comfortable with that--this house turns 110 next year. Our GC wants to cut out the rotten bits, patch, and then skim coat every. single. wall in the house. I admire his devotion to detail, but that will cost another 12k and I don't think that's going to fly with anyone, but most importantly, our lender. We shall see. Every wall? Really?


(I feel like I'm on one of those shows, like the Property Brothers? And this is the part where they're like "Aw, look, there's [a thing wrong]. That's going to cause a delay and cost you lots more money!")


Another Problem: Benjamin Moore makes some really pretty greys.

Decisions, decisions (Benjamin Moore)

Too many pretty grays. (I have to decide between them all. There's two more than this. I've decided to stick to the Historical Color palette. That still leaves me with about 5 greys. Also, 2 dark blues. I have narrowed down my trim color to a single white? They would be taped to the walls, but I forgot the tape.)

All the greys...

And the thing is, I deliberately leaned towards grays with undertones that shift dramatically depending on the quality of the light. Y'know, just to make this game more interesting.


more stuff. fun surprises in the overgrowth, vulture report, and once again, our house is mistaken for somewhere else, and we had to stop people from demoing our stuff. )

Access List Only!

Jul. 19th, 2016 04:05 pm
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I've changed my journal to Access List Only. However, I'm friendly! Request access if you like!
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Did a DW clean-up and re-organization. If I unsubscribe you, no offence. Interests, beliefs and thoughts have diverged.

Subsequent posts will be filtered/friends-locked. Unfiltered posts will only be general updates etc.

Readercon 2016

Jul. 12th, 2016 11:10 am
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I had a relatively uneventful convention, in direct contrast to the terrible events going on in the world around it. It was a luxury to be there and to feel safe, a luxury not everyone has, and I tried to appreciate it as such. We live in a dystopian world, and even the safer places are works in progress that require a lot of constant, well, Work.

I wasn't moderating anything, so I managed to procrastinate on making panel notes until I arrived on Thursday. Then I forgot my notebook in my room, so didn't have it to hand for my first two panels. I managed okay, anyway.

I missed the annual excursion to get Korean barbecue and ice cream at the former convention location of Burlington; I didn't leave the hotel at all. I shall have to find a new destination restaurant in Quincy.

Highlights mostly included hanging out with Ann Zeddies and Gwynne Garfinkle and other friends, mostly talking about nothing much. I reconnected with a friend who's been mostly overseas for the last six years, and is about to go overseas again. I admired a Boston friend's art, and made others look at it (at least one of them bought a piece from her!). I got to see more pictures of Sparkymonster's Incredibly Mindblowingly Adorable Niece. And there were also all the folks whom I see more often, whom I got to spend a little time with.

I did go to three panels I was not actually on, which was a lot for me. I saw the Thursday night panel on bees, and on Friday, "There's a Queer at the End of This Book" followed by "Why Don't Animals Use Magic."

I lifted weights (dumbbells) on Saturday in the late afternoon, but didn't have time to add cardio. A glow of virtue resulted, probably wiped out by my hard cider with steak and, later, a whiskey sour and apple crisp with ice cream.

Sunday was all goodbyes that I tried to pretend weren't really goodbyes, and the long, long train ride home.

Because James demanded it....

Jul. 11th, 2016 12:25 am
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Bebe skeksis black vulture in the hayloft:

Toddler Skeksis

We have a nest of four or five baby rabbits in the yard as well. Mousie took these:

You Can't See Us!

Baby Bunny Star Face

Another Baby Bunny

They all have stars on their foreheads.

(no subject)

Jul. 9th, 2016 11:53 pm
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Andy's come and gone.
This week is the first week that we're showing signs of fraying and also being careless around each other.

- Jen and I got out to the Aquarium today. I bought little manta ray earrings ^_^

- Got out to the beach again on Thursday too, and discovered to my horror that sand had been collecting in the inner lining of my swimsuit, which means a huge dollop of sand collecting right at the crotch /o\

Good thing it's a nudist beach so I could just take the whole thing off, and Emily and I went into the ocean to bounce for a bit.

- Hard to believe it's halfway over. I'm not sure I even got a hold of it.

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