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Emails Sent: 94*

Status: Not Closed Yet.

Where We Are In The Process: Today we went over to the Sewer Authority and dropped off an application and a couple of checks for fees totaling $1950 for the chance to have a functioning toilet maybe and close sometime before the 4th of freakin' July.

Okay so per a very kind lady (Deb) at the Sewer Authority we would be on the township agenda for the meeting on the 17. And we should be advised of the verdict on the 18th, and we can start work immediately after that. And I figure the township will not give us approval to connect to a line that's not there, right? RIGHT? So then our underwriter will give us approval and we will live Chaotically Happily Ever After.

We wandered by War Drobe between the trips to the Sewer Authority and work. She was a bit forlorn, naked of trees, and one of the ginormous barn doors had blown off--probably in that nor'easter we had a little while ago. Otherwise, all seemed well.

*Give or take about a half dozen emails from work, and countless texts to our contractor(s), the insurance guy, and the architect. The first email I sent while curious peering at the house on Zillow was back in May 2015.

y'know what? shutting up now.

Feb. 5th, 2016 09:41 am
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I was feeling kinda whiny this morning about my day, my week, my life--you know how those days go--I'm waking up almost as tired as I was when I went to bed and there's a long, long list of things that have to get done.

But my morning did not start with a giant smoking wreck of an upside down crane on it, so.*

*yes, i know the day is young. SHUT UP.


Feb. 5th, 2016 09:01 am
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I went to the gym Monday night and had a good workout. Tuesday, I considered going again, but needed groceries, so I did that (I at least walked home from work to the store). And I forgot to get oatmeal, the main thing I needed.

Wednesday, I intended to have a workout, then attend a concert nearby - but right before I left, I got an email from the gym stating they didn't have towel service at the moment (because the washers or dryers were down? all of them?! no explanation). I wavered, thinking of maybe just using the paper towels/air dryers, but then considered lots of people all trying to do the same thing with only 3 air dryers, and bagged it. I got dinner before the concert instead, which was a luxury I hadn't been expecting. I also had time to buy oatmeal!

Thursday, I had training in the afternoon and dinner out in the evening, so I likely could not have managed a gym trip, but right before I left work I got an email from the gym stating they didn't have hot water. *laser eyes* I did walk home from dinner.

I am planning to go work out tonight. There bloody well better be some hot water and towels. I refuse to put my coat on over sweaty gym clothes, or sweaty me in regular clothes. *laser eyes*

More Reading!

Feb. 4th, 2016 08:34 am
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I didn't get to finish my Wednesday Reading post yesterday, so here's the rest.

It Will Probably Accelerate by northatlantic is another one of those stories in which Steve Rogers has to deal with being thrust into a future where almost all of his friends are dead. This one has Jim Morita, alive! But it's mostly a slow-build Steve Rogers/Tony Stark romance along with the mourning.

Leave No Soul Behind by whochick is a really long AU of the Star Trek reboot universe, in which Kirk and Spock (and McCoy, and Uhura, and Chapel, and Scotty, and Chekov, and Gaila, and even Janie Rand, briefly) are in an outer space ambulance service, but the plot from the first reboot movie is still happening, and also there is eventually Kirk/Spock romance. But there are a lot of other things as well including Spock Prime, Kirk's conflict with his mother and his related angst, Admiral Pike, Spock being awesome, Sarek!, and some excellent original characters. Why did we never seen an outer space ambulance service onscreen? I would've watched the hell out of that.

Wednesday Reading

Feb. 3rd, 2016 09:08 am
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It's Wednesday again?

Currently, I'm reading Taking the Lead by Cecilia Tan, with an eye towards writing a Heroes and Heartbreakers post about it. The heroine and her sister have inherited their gazillionaire grandfather's secret Hollywood BDSM club, and the hero is a rock star who's fallen for the heroine and who happens to be dom to her sub. The characterization is terrific and I love that they have multiple problems going on: keeping the club secret is a big one, but the heroine is also trying to fight her way through the Old Boy Network in the film industry to develop films by women while dealing with her newly-discovered sexual submissiveness; the hero worries about class differences between them while figuring out this is the first time he's really been in love. As someone who's not into BDSM personally, I am still loving this book and finding it hot.

In comics, I read Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed, in which Kamala thinks she might be falling in love with a boy even her parents approve of; as you can imagine, things do not go smoothly.

In fanfiction, The Peggers' Tale by kinetikatrue, for Sybill is medieval-style poetry about Elinor of Aquitaine and her maid, and Henry Plantagenet and, well, pegging which I found absolutely brilliant.

Oh, and here is my enthused preview of Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat.

(no subject)

Feb. 3rd, 2016 06:29 am
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My Yuletide story, a Bletchley Circle/Agent Carter crossover, kinda just happened on Agent Carter last night. That is, Peggy backstory where she gets recruited into the field from being a Bletchley Park code breaker -- which I had happening to one of the Bletchley Circle characters.

Great minds and all that!

I'm tempted to revise to incorporate this.

Also Liv, the lead character on iZombie, just came across an audio book read by Kristen Bell and squee'ed that "I've always felt a connection to her!" Which delighted me since Liv is so much in the Veronica Mars mode (if Veronica were a zombie medical examiner).


Feb. 3rd, 2016 07:38 pm
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Totally shit day...

But... THIS is awesome. Glad that I am inspiring kids to write!


Feb. 2nd, 2016 09:21 am
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Oh goody, and now dayjob is having email issues. That's okay, we didn't have any work to do that required our email! Not.

I had a pretty good workout last night, starting with seated leg press at just over my body weight and ending with elliptical. I did a few exercises with the small 10 pound dumbbells, being very careful with my right hand. It doesn't appear any more swollen today.

I didn't manage to tidy up that last drawer last night, but maybe later this week.

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Feb. 1st, 2016 01:47 pm
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How Nigerian Romance Novelists Sneak Feminism Into Their Plots.

Littattafan soyayya, or “books of love,” are a special kind of soapy fiction unique to Kano, Nigeria's second-largest city. Written and read mostly by women, the works deal with issues ranging from living with HIV/AIDS to fighting for your education to marrying young, all wrapped in a love story and bound in brightly-colored covers emblazoned with smiling female faces. Authors publish the books through collectives, and sell them to their thousands of fans at roadside stands and market bookshops–in the same markets that, lately, are better known as attack sites for suicide bombers.

To Western readers, the phrase “books of love” brings to mind bare-chested Harlequin clones gazing soulfully out from supermarket checkout racks. But littattafan soyayya is less Danielle Steel and more Leo Tolstoy. Though generally serialized into small, affordable packets, like Victorian novels once were, complete works are often 500 pages or more, says Dr. Carmen McCain, a scholar of Hausa film and literature at Kwara State University Malete in Nigeria. The characters need this much space to achieve their creators’ myriad purposes. Over many chapters, your average littattafan soyayya protagonist may lose and find love, but she also might deal with intergenerational conflict, seek an education, or learn how to strive for equality in her marriage.

Agh Agh Agh

Feb. 1st, 2016 08:18 am
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I tried to forget about it over the weekend but dayjob is going to be kicking my ass for the next couple of months (normal crush time, plus people leaving and new people starting and and and). I organized my second sock drawer on Friday night, t-shirts on Saturday, and pajamas on Sunday, which I found calming because it gave me a sense of control over something.

My trigger finger on my right hand is stiff and swollen again, from a mere hour or so of snow shoveling - never again. So that means my workouts will be curtailed: no weights I have to pick up, no pushups, until there is some sort of improvement. If that is possible.

I was feeling weirdly tired all last week. Monday, my stomach was bothering me a little, so I ended up cutting my elliptical workout short; luckily, this was after I'd done the muscles part (seated leg press and planks), and I felt better before I went to bed. I was draggy at Wednesday's workout so only did elliptical; Friday night I jogged on the treadmill, which is nominally cardio but also leaves me sore because of the pounding my legs take from my weight. I ended up napping both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, so I guess something else was making me tired, too.

My mammogram was normal again, yay.

I am pissed on Imbolc!

Feb. 1st, 2016 04:30 pm
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And apparently, I am also unwell and on medical leave.

And so pissed on Imbolc.

A note: beware of unprofessional publishers.

Looks like Dragon Physician is looking for a good home.

Happy Imbolc!

Jan. 31st, 2016 08:53 am
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May the fire of creativity
light the way in your life,
Brigid bless!

i'm headed straight for the castle

Jan. 30th, 2016 11:17 am
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My lil' sis just closed on her second house, a cute old farmhouse on 3 acres in PA that could easily be related to ours (the build date is about 20 or so years later). She tried to set a close date for March and the seller is making her close in February and her concern is actually making sure she has enough saved by then. So she is staring at our situation appalled. It basically confirms her every suspicion that yep, there's something wrong with NJ.

And well, yeah. We still don't have a clear to close. There are coworkers that started house hunting when we first went under contract, and they're moving in to their new homes already. But we can't do anything easy. See this is our problem: BUREAUCRAZY. )

I want to organize.

Jan. 29th, 2016 08:40 am
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It is so weird that I am all excited about organizing more of my drawers. But I am, ya'll. I totally am. !!!

I am very pleased to be excited about something.
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Things spotted during DC's biggest blizzard since '96:

1) A woman making her way over the three-foot-tall snowdrifts on a pair of cross-country skis.

2) A backhoe trundling up my street, because regular snowplows just weren't cutting it anymore.

3) Everybody walking in the middle of the dead, empty road like some serious 28 Days Later shit, because it was either that or wade through the massive snowdrifts the backhoe kept piling up on the sidewalks.

4) Not my car, for about two days. Literally, you could see a tiny stripe of blue and my rearview mirrors poking out from a seven-foot-tall drift. That's it. And I was in an off-street lot.

On Tuesday -- my fifth day of not going into work and barely leaving my apartment, because there was literally nowhere to go -- my mom and I went for a five-mile walk around the neighborhood just to shake off some of the cabin fever. Luckily, by then, businesses were starting to spool back up; we were able to get some sandwiches, park at a table, and play with the four- or five-year-old son of one of the employees, who'd had to bring him along because school's been shut down for the whole week. It...was actually pretty great? Apparently there are times when I don't suck at playing with kids! Like when my introvert batteries have been overcharged from forced solitude and I am bursting with goodwill toward my fellow man. (Yesterday's commute? No problem! This morning's? Oh my god get out of my way stop blocking the sidewalk STAND RIGHT WALK LEFT YOU CRETINS.)

The city's still a bit of a mess -- work's been on a three-hour delay the past two days -- and, of course, everyone who doesn't live in the mid-Atlantic's been pointing and laughing at us. Sigh. Yeah, I get as annoyed as the next person when we can't handle two or three inches of snow, but once you get up to two or three feet: fuck off, buddy, those storms only happen once every ten years around here. Even Capital Weather Gang, the stalwart, even-handed guardians of DC weather reporting, posted some nasty op-ed from a twenty-one-year-old Minnesotan brat about how we should all just get back to school already.

(Me? Nurture a constant FIGHT ME!!! attitude toward the rest of the country over my city's honor? Never.)

Anyway. I...have no clever way to wrap up this post! Hope y'all East Coast folks have been keeping warm. Anyone want to take bets on when we'll see the grass again?

5 Good Things and 1 Less Good

Jan. 28th, 2016 08:27 am
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The less good first: new coworker is leaving already, last day in March, which means we have the whole search process to do again, and I get back all the extra work again. I just...sigh.

The good, I say with determination:

1. I wrote a preview/review of C.S. Pacat's Kings Rising for Heroes & Heartbreakers, and I turned it in, and I invoiced it. This is of note because it's been a while since I wrote much of anything beyond one PW review every month or so. Plus I pitched another post which they expressed interest in.

2. After just...not doing much of anything beyond the basics for weeks, I sent some emails to have dinner/lunch with various friends in the next few weeks. It is far too easy for me to hibernate in winter!

3. I have been reading comics, mostly superhero, and enjoying them, and I have a nice stack still to go.

4. Thanks to vonniek, I was inspired to tidy up my clothing drawers. I've done two so far, though I might redo one of those to see if I can make it even better (the Marie Kondo sock-folding method might need adaptation for some of my bulky wool socks, not sure, but I want to find out before I start the second sock drawer). I am actually looking forward to tidying up my overstuffed t-shirt drawer as well as the sock drawers.

5. I have a mammogram scheduled for tomorrow, then next month I get the tooth part of my molar implant, so those things will be out of the way. Also, appointments mean leaving dayjob early on those days!

Wednesday Reading

Jan. 27th, 2016 08:44 am
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This week, I finished two books for review/preview, one anonymous and the other for Heroes and Heartbreakers - it was Kings Rising: Book Three of the Captive Prince Trilogy by C.S. Pacat, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I'm sending in the preview later this week, so I must save my commentary for that.

Vulcanization by Nisi Shawl is the awesomest steampunk story ever; Leopold II of Belgian Congo colonialist infamy wants to rid himself of visions of the people he's victimized, using a strange device. After reading King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa by Adam Hochschild a while back, this story is especially satisfying.

I read a fair amount of fanfiction during the blizzard, as well. I had a couple of favorites. A Song for Ruatha by Aishuu is a Menolly story, set during McCaffrey's Dragonsinger. Menolly travels to Ruatha Hold for a Gather, and stresses about the special song she's supposed to write for it amid tensions about the young Lord Holder Jaxom and the dragon he recently Impressed, Ruth. Also has Competent!Sebell and of course Master Robinton, and a surprise Benden Weyr guest.

Radio to the Youth by Scappodaqui is a WWII-era Howling Commandos story from the pov of Jim Morita. As you know, Bob, I adore nifty historical detail, and this story has some. Also there is a sequel! Which I shall be reading shortly.

In comics, I finished up the last two volumes of Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel that I had - and realized I should have read these first. Oh well. Captain Marvel, Vol. 1: In Pursuit of Flight and Captain Marvel, Vol. 2: Down. I was excited to find Monica Rambeau bantering with Carol Danvers in volume two! I was less excited to realize the story running through these volumes does not conclude in them; it is in a crossover collection which is, of course, out of print at the moment. Sigh.

A-Force Presents Vol. 1 is a sampler of first issues featuring female characters: Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Squirrel Girl. I didn't realize it was a sampler when I bought it, so I only got three issues I hadn't already read. It might be good if you want, well, a sampler of several titles! The first issue of Thor did not in fact feature the female Thor until the last page, which was frustrating; I still don't know if I'll like it or not. Squirrel Girl is adorable, though.

Next up is probably the next couple volumes of Ms. Marvel, so I can lend them to Ms. 11.

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