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Ah, con season has now begun!  For those of you unaware, I assist The Penny Dreadfuls of the SS Icarus during their wild escapades throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic area.  We're going to be wreaking havoc at TempleCon in Warwick, RI, this weekend, and later this month, we'll also be invading Wicked Faire.

This, of course, will affect my update schedule for the next coming weeks. But, have no fear, for this will only benefit your lovely selves!

For the month of February, Beyond Victoriana will feature extra "odds & ends" posts before I'm gone on a con weekend that will update on the Thursday before. That's right, this month you'll get TWO more lovely snippets to munch on.  Ain't that great?

Why is this?  Well, for one thing, I keep getting great links, photos, & snippets from you readers, and I want a place to feature them! And for another, this will leave something up if the Sunday post is late because of traveling, marauding, whatever.

And that's not all! I will also have a guest blogger, the lovely Jaymee Goh of and Rebellious Jezebel Blogging filling in for me on February 14th with a guest post.   She writes great stuff and volunteered to cover for me during the Lunar New Year holiday.

So, to recap this month's schedule:

Thursday the 4th: "Odds & Ends" Post #1
Sunday the 7th (ish...) Beyond Victoriana #13
Sunday the 14th: Beyond Victoriana #14 with Guest blogger Jaymee Goh
Thursday the 18th: "Odds & Ends Post #2"
Sunday the 21st: (ish...) Beyond Victoriana #15

Happy reading! ^_^

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