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Hope all of you have survived the wrath of Irene & enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. We've cleared the branches from our driveway and now the power is back on, and so we're delighted to give everyone an update about Tea & Revelry!

We had to postpone it because of the hurricane, but now we're back and offering additional tickets to cover the increase in demand.

Purchase here:

You are graciously invited by owners Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum for tea! Includes an exclusive tour from top to bottom of steampunk’s most famous house, plus:

- Lovely high tea presented by Miss Kitty!

- Professional Portrait shots inside the home courtesy of Conjure Photography

- Great prizes offered to our guests donated by Dr. Grymm Laboratories, Red Fork Empire, Big Bear Trading Company, Thee-Gartisan Works and more!

- A chance to win weekend passes TeslaCon in November, the premiere immersive convention featuring special guests Gail Carriger & George Mann.

- Various entertainments galore for the evening.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Rising Phoenix Fund, sponsored by Beyond Victoriana and Button Me Up on Etsy. Started in March 2011 in response to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster, the fund is in support of Shelterbox, an international aid organization specializing in first responder disaster relief. The Rising Phoenix Fund’s goal is to raise $3000 total by the end of our convention season.

About our Sponsors:

ModVic is a company specializing in Victorian Home restoration and steampunk home interior design, owned by Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum. ModVic's mission is to authentically restore historic Victorian homes (1850 – 1910) back to their original beauty and richness while completely modernizing the home’s systems, functional layout and conveniences for families of today. The Rosenbaum’s ModVic home in Sharon, Massachusetts has been featured in countless national and international news shows, magazines, and websites for its unbounded steampunk splendor.

Beyond Victoriana is an award-winning multicultural steampunk blog. The focus of the blog is to highlight the cultural intersection non-Western cultures, underrepresented minorities in Western histories (Asian / Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, First Nation, Hispanic, black / African), and the cultural intersection between the West and the non-West. Beyond Victoriana has been featured on various steampunk, sci-fi, and pop culture websites such as, SF Signal, NerdCaliber, Steampunk Magazine, The Steampunk Workshop, COLORLINES, and Racialicious. It has also been featured in the book The Steampunk Bible, edited by Jeff VanderMeer and S.J. Chambers.

Button Me Up on Etsy is an online button specialty store that focuses on Japanese, anime, and fandom buttons, and is run by Morgan Payne, Dillon Payne, and Jess Idres.

Still undecided? Why not check out this clip of the ModVic House on the recent episode of Young, Broke & Beautiful:


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