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dmp ([personal profile] dmp) wrote 2009-11-25 01:01 am (UTC)

I think if you click the "track this" link on the bottom of the comment, you'd be notified, but I'm not sure if that only works for other DW users...

And yeah, I totally think Pham has some self-hate issues that he'd been working through in that book. Have to add, though, that I related to those parts a lot -- not only for times in my life when I was dealing with those issues myself, but also for many American-born Asian-Americans I grew up with (including family). I'm not sure if this was only relevant to immigrant minorities growing up in mostly-white communities, or just something that's part of the first-generation experience.

I'd be really interested in reading about the immigrant experience in non-English speaking countries, to see how other immigrants relate to being immersed in another culture.

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