Peggy's Hat and Other Amusements

Oct. 20th, 2017 03:54 pm
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First off, with a throwaway background movie marquee that advertises "Bend it Like Bentham", The Good Place is officially the best sitcom that the universe has ever known. And I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Second, I have been drooling over a 40s-style tilt fedora at East Village Hats, and wishing I'd bought one last year for my big holiday gift instead of a peacock-blue wide-brimmed fedora which I love, but which is more generic. (But the color! That's what nabbed me when I walked in to buy.) When I was chatting with the owner, Peggy Carter came up, and I mentioned that I had one of the official red Peggy Stetsons. We bemoaned how little it looks like Peggy's actual hat and she offered to re-block mine so it would look more like the hat that the costume designer mocked up out of the blank Stetson sent her. Anyway, she's reblocking it and now I'm wishing I hadn't said yes to a dinner party next Saturday, before getting an invite to a costume party the same night. (The latter is in NJ, so not realistic to try to do both.) Perhaps I'll just wear Peggy hat to school on the 31st anyway -- I wear so much vintage and vintage repro that half the time I already look like I'm doing Peggy cosplay. (From the broader sense of her wardrobe, not the blue suit beloved of cosplayers.)

And I still want the Grand Film Noir tilt fedora, but probably not in red. But it is one of those serious save-up items. Then I want a proper, well-fitting cloche, and a black cocktail hat with a veil. Then I need a life fabulous enough to wear a black cocktail hat with a veil.

Deadwood rewatch continues. Jack Langrishe just showed up, and Hearst is an Evil MoFo. And Steve the Drunk makes me think of Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball. But only his name. I thought Joanie/Jane were already obviously a couple by this point, rather than semi-roommates; I am definitely misremembering things. They did become a real couple, right? Or did I just wish that into existence? I still go "awwww" over Ellsworth, but he is mansplaining to Alma too much. And wow, Seth/Martha have progressed to handholding. They'resohot. And I am still in love with Sol. I remembered how angry Trixie was, but she's just so awesome anyway. And Al continues to inspire such loyalty. Including in me.

In which bold plans go awry.

Oct. 20th, 2017 08:30 am
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I gymmed on my lunch hour yesterday, so my evening would be free for either a haircut or a load of laundry, though probably not both.

It ended up being neither. Oh, well. Those things will keep.

I did eat some delicious pumpkin and tofu red curry, and read this week's Time magazine while in bed under my weighted blanket.

Tonight, I'm going to hear some Reformation-related music from Piffaro and the Rose Ensemble.
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Our first concert of the season, last night, went really well. They normally go well, but sometimes magic happens and there is intensity and power we hadn't bargained for. Last night was like that. My brain was buzzing with it.

We had a larger audience than usual, and our roster has shifted a bit, and we were singing with only three continuo players instead of our usual instrumental ensemble. Because of the reduced forces, we were able to stand closer to the audience.

I'm not sure if all of those things, or any of them, contributed. But it was great. I could feel it from where I was, and I heard it in audience comments afterwards. I could even feel it ahead of time, a bit, as I was strangely keyed up and needed to stretch and center myself before we went on. The hour flew by.

I continue to love Schütz with the fiery passion of a thousand exploding suns.

Next up, November 15: J.S. Bach: Cantata BWV 79, Gott der Herr ist Sohn und Schild; world premiere of David Carpenter, "A Love So Still," a setting of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's poem "Von guten Mächten"; Martin Luther/Ludwig Senfl, "No Moriar"; Hans Leo Hassler/Michael Praetorius, "Ein Feste Burg"; Johannes Brahms/Hugo Distler, "Es ist das Heil uns kommen Her."

Wednesday Reading

Oct. 18th, 2017 08:44 am
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Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Rise of Alpha Flight was a moderately entertaining space story featuring Carol Danvers in Spaaaace with Abigail Brand and three members of Alpha Flight: Aurora, Sasquatch, and my personal favorite, Puck. One annoyance: an entertaining Latina character turned out to be an alien in disguise. Bonus points for portraying human characters of different sizes and the politics of assorted aliens.

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol. 2: Don't Stop Me-Ow remains really cute and fun and drawn in manga-esque style. Vampire Jubilee and her adopted son showed up in this one, as did Jessica Jones and Hellcat's two ex-husbands. Also there was karaoke. In contintuity, this fell into the time period when She-Hulk was in a coma, but that plotline managed to feel hopeful even though Patsy/Hellcat was unhappy.

Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human by Grant Morrison is a mixed bag. There was some insightful commentary on the history of comics from the pov of a major comics writer. There were also some memoir elements and psychological musings that sometimes got a little too convoluted for my taste. I think the book was compiled from various essays and interviews, which would explain why it sometimes looped back on the same ideas after meandering the byways.
Warning for dated but not apparently derogatory use of the word tranny.

But I enjoyed it, overall, for sections like this:

Where Superman strove for modernity in everything from the image of its hero to the kinetic editing of its torn-from-the-headlines narrative, the Batman strip reveled in the trashy aesthetic of the mystery pulps and the penny dreadfuls.

From the very beginning, Batman habitually found himself dealing with crimes involving chemicals and crazy people, and over the years he would take on innumerable villains armed with lethal Laughing Gas, mind-control lipstick, Fear Dust, toxic aerosols, and "artificial phobia" pills. Indeed, his career had barely begun before he was heroically inhaling countless bizarre chemical concoctions cooked up by mad blackmarket alchemists. Superman might have faced a few psychic attacks, but, even if it was against his will every time, Batman was hip to serious mind-bending drugs. Batman knew what it was like to trip balls without seriously losing his shit, and that savoir faire added another layer to his outlaw sexiness and alluring aura of decadence and wealth.

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Oct. 17th, 2017 09:04 pm
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So when I'm not working or sleeping or, okay, watching some stuff, I've been working on the original fiction. And it's going pretty well, but thank god, I taught Anne Lamott's "Shitty First Drafts" today and need to remind myself that it's okay to suck sometimes.

Also, the series ending of Halt and Catch Fire was seriously the best thing ever.

Also, if you don't watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (worst title in existence but great show), google "Let's Generalize About Men" -- seriously.

Slowing down re. Deadwood because I'm almost done with s. 2 and I want it to never end and yet I see it snowballing towards disaster.

Pull The Football - Save the World

Oct. 17th, 2017 08:25 am
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Via [personal profile] rachelmanija

Are you worried about nuclear war? I am too. Keep reading for a way to stop it with one simple action.

Maybe you feel small and powerless. But many snowflakes make an avalanche. If we all move in the same direction, we'll be unstoppable. We will only fail if we choose not to act.

Trump has the power to order a pre-emptive nuclear strike for any reason - or no reason at all. He's always shadowed by a man with a briefcase of codes, called the "nuclear football," to enable him to launch nuclear missiles at any time. It would take less than five minutes from his order to the missiles being launched, and no one could stop him. Republican Senator Bob Corker says Trump is leading us into World War III. I believe him.

But we don't have to stand by and let it happen. Let's pull away that football!

Both House and Senate have bills to prevent the President from launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike without a congressional declaration of war. They're both called the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017. (S. 200 - Senate, HR 669 - House.) Passing those bills may literally save the world.

How to save the world:

1. Contact your representatives in Congress. Ask them to co-sponsor the bill NOW, before it's too late.

2. Contact EVERYONE in Congress who might want to prevent a nuclear war. Usually people only speak to their own representatives. But with the fate of the entire world is at stake, it's worth contacting everyone who might listen.

3. Promote the Pull The Football campaign on social media. Trump isn't the only one who can use Twitter. Get on it and start tweeting #PullTheFootball.

Share this post on Facebook or Dreamwidth. Put up your own post on whatever social media you use. Ask your friends in person. If you know anyone in the media, contact them to get the word out. If you're not American, you can help by publicizing the campaign on social media that Americans follow.

How do I contact my representatives?

1. Resistbot is a free service that will fax, call, or write your representatives for you. Just text the word "resist" to 50409 to begin.

2. Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to the representative of your choice.

I've contacted everyone. What now?

Contact them again. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. One water drop can be brushed away. Many water drops make a flood. Call, fax, or write as often as possible. Set aside 15 minutes every day to make as many calls or faxes as you can in that time. Relentlessness works - it's why the NRA is so successful. If they can do it, we can do it.

What do I say?

Page down for a sample script. Or speak or write in your own words.

Democrats to contact:

Every Democrat not currently sponsoring one of the bills. Thank them for their courage and service to the nation, and ask them to act now to save the world.

Thank the Democrats currently sponsoring the bills. There are 57 in the House and 9 in the Senate. Especially, thank Congressman Ted Lieu (sponsor of the House bill) and Sen. Edward Markey (sponsor of the Senate bill). Encourage them to step up their efforts to make it pass.

Republicans to contact:

The Republicans listed below are the most prominent who have voiced concerns about Trump. This is not an exhaustive list. There are more Republicans who might be receptive. For instance, all the House Republicans who just voted for more aid for Puerto Rico, and all Republicans who are retiring from their seats and so not worried about getting re-elected.

Sen. Bob Corker (202) 224-3344) warned us that Trump is setting the nation on a path to World War III. If you only contact one Republican representative, contact him. Thank him for his courage and urge him to follow through on his convictions.

Rep. Walter Jones (202) 225-3415 is the only Republican to support the bill. Thank him for his courage and urge him to get his colleagues onboard.

Other Republican senators to prioritize contacting: Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, Dean Heller, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Marco Rubio, and Bob Sasse.

Sample Script

Hello, my name is [your name.] I'm calling to ask Representative/Senator [their name] to co-sponsor the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017. (S. 200 - Senate, HR 669 - House.)

I believe Republican Senator Bob Corker when he says we're on the brink of World War Three. No one benefits from a nuclear war. But we can stop it if we choose to. This may be the most important action Representative/Senator [their name] will take in their entire life. It may literally save the world. I urge them to co-sponsor the bill restricting first use of nuclear weapons. Thank you.

Thank you for reading this far! Please share the post before you go.

Weekend Accomplishments

Oct. 17th, 2017 08:14 am
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Sorry no post yesterday; I woke up feeling nauseated, so I stayed home from work and slept and read all day.

1. Laundry! Two loads.

2. Attended two concerts, one Friday night, one Sunday afternoon.

3. Finished watching Defenders and helped a friend out with some stuff.

4. Bought a new black rayon shirt for choir, and hand-washed it in preparation for Wednesday night's concert.

5. Laid out clothes and chose makeup and packed my bag with choir folder and such for Tuesday and Wednesday, so I wouldn't have to do it in the mornings.

Dress rehearsal tonight; am currently eating oatmeal, and hoping this stomach unpleasantness has fully gone away.

Open ID?

Oct. 16th, 2017 08:17 pm
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I want to participate in the smallfandombigbang challenge, but the support comm is on LJ.

I deleted my LJ of many years very deliberately this spring, over the Russian censorship issue.

I'm told I can use OpenID to join the comm over there.

Except when I look at the DW FAQ on OpenID, I see info on using OpenID on DW. When I look at the LJ FAQ, it tells me I can use OpenID over there and then requests a URL.

I cannot figure out how to create an OpenID account from DW to use on an LJ comm.

What am I missing?

Angsty angsty is angsty . . .

Oct. 16th, 2017 05:19 am
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I've gotten used to the idea that I'm only going to get 2 kudos on each of those older stories I've been reposting, though the last longer one finally got up to 4, yay! But I posted one on Friday that still has none despite having gotten 27 hits. Where are my 2 happy readers? Cut for C. being anxious and silly. Read more... )

Meanwhile, my Deadwood story has kudos only from folks I know, and not that many other hits (way less than the more obscure fandom, above) so I guess not a lot of random searches in that fandom these days.

And I'm clearly always going to spoil myself on ST:D because since M and I watch together, we sometimes don't watch 'til the Saturday, the day before the next one comes out.

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Oct. 15th, 2017 08:45 am
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Yesterday I went to a conference, NCPTW (national conference on peer tutoring in writing), which was held out on Long Island, so even though it's not one of my usual conferences, I thought I'd check it out. Great panels, the ones I saw, though I missed the first day -- it was a Friday/Saturday -- and arrived a bit late on the second because I presented along with a student writing consultant, who had to get the train in from NJ to meet me at Penn Station to get out to the island, and . . . trains happen.

My blouse, a very pretty one which was one of my late aunt's and which I'd never actually worn before, turned out to be not-so-well-engineered across the bustline, shall we say? I hadn't thought to wear a cami underneath, just my bra, so after I realized it had unbuttoned itself at one point, this was a potential disaster.

Aisha lent me one of her hijab pins to keep it closed and stave off that disaster.

Dammit, I love my diverse America as it is, not the America Trump and his followers want it to be.

Things Accomplished This Week

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:52 am
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1. Did laundry on Monday, after my trip to CapClave, and finished putting it all away last night. Now I have another couple of loads...which I can do tomorrow or Sunday.

2. Changed my sheets! Hush, it counts. I'm even planning to fold and put away the clean sheets once they're washed.

3. Bought Piffaro tickets for the October and December concerts I want to attend.

4. Emailed initial comments on a friend's novel draft.

5. Selected some new gym songs. This was fun but also labor, right? And it keeps me interested in gymming. Also this week, my couple pairs of sale leggings from Lineage arrived, and I am very pleased with them. One pair is a purple with peacock feathers print, and the other pair is rainbow neon dots over turquoise unicorn silhouettes, from a batch that was printed upside-down, so they were half price.

Via several sources: Self-esteem doesn't work. Try self-compassion instead.

And Yet More Deadwood

Oct. 13th, 2017 09:27 am
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Interesting what I'd forgotten and what I'd remembered. I'm a bit more than halfway done with s. 2 now.

Why is it that I like Dan Dority so much? He kills on command for Al, and yet there's something almost sweet about him? Generally, the group at the Gem, despite surface unpleasantness, seems to have an underlying care for each other -- visually portrayed after Al's surgery when Doc Cochran, Trixie, Dan and Johnny all kind of pile up around Al in their joy at his recovery.

While Al is by far the most compelling character, on first watch I was so smitten by Timothy Olyphant that Seth was my other focus. While he's still very lovely to look at, not to mention interestingly complex, he's a difficult proposition in many ways. I continue my crush on Sol, this time around, and I've just gotten to the point of Ellsworth's proposal, where he becomes the center of all "awwwwwwwww"s.

Charlie Utter is another character I'm paying a lot of attention to, this time around; his friendship with Joanie is, as scripsi has commented elsewhere, complete in itself and separate from anything to do with Al, Seth, Cy -- the depth and richness of this world is something that gives me joy.

Trixie -- although Al wants her hanging out at the hardware store partly as eyes and ears on Seth and Sol, I also get the feeling that he's happy for her learning bookkeeping. Her level of self-loathing is almost as great at Jane's. We just had Jane's first call on Joanie, the beginning of the friendship that leads to the relationship. The way Joanie was sitting in the dark, waiting for Wolcott to come, I expected she was waiting to die (even though I remember she didn't), and was so pleased when she, instead, defended herself and drove him off. So much learned helplessness among the women, and so nice to see them rise up against that.


Oct. 12th, 2017 09:27 am
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So many terrible things in the news and I only barely glanced at it this morning before I ran away. I stayed away most of yesterday, too. I need to severely limit my news time, which is hard when it's in Twitter and Facebook, which I'm looking at for choir purposes as well as to keep in contact with friends.

I know it's not just me. At least we can commiserate?

I had a good workout yesterday; I felt reasonably strong. My day off on Monday, which included way more sleep than I would normally even attempt, must have helped. I kept the dumbbells at 35 pounds for the bench press and row, then did tricep kickbacks at 15, and struggled through overheads at 20 (I had to break up the last couple sets of 12). I did lunges again, then decided to skip planks in favor of intervals on a stationary bike.

Tonight is a book signing I'd like to attend, and I have concert tickets for tomorrow night (Tempesta di Mare) and Sunday afternoon (Dolce Suono). I'll have time for a Friday workout before the Tempesta concert.


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Oct. 11th, 2017 05:24 pm
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It is the 11th of October, 2017. I am officially a doctor.

Reading Wednesday

Oct. 11th, 2017 08:54 am
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This week, I obtained and read a galley of Dragon Blood by Eileen Wilks, out in January 2018. The previous volume in the series, which I'd read on vacation back in August, ends on a cliffhanger, so this was a real relief! As usual with this series, the book left some plot threads dangling and opened up some new ones, but the cliffhanger wasn't as maddening as the previous one.

I've stuck with this series for so long because of the ongoing, ever-evolving relationship between Lily Yu and Rule Turner, the abundance of interesting continuing secondary characters, and the incredible depth and complexity of the worldbuilding. The series contains one of the few insta-mate-bond setups I've ever liked, because it causes more tension and complications for the protagonists rather than fewer.

For the most part, I've preferred the books in this series that happen on Earth rather than those in the series in other dimensions, like this one; that's because I love reading about an Earth where magic has returned in a big way, and has to be dealt with by people and governments. Laws and social interactions and balances of international power and even technology are all changed by magic, and the characters have to figure out what to do about it. That grounded aspect is my favorite aspect of the Lupi series. And like previous books in the series, in this one the characters consider the results of their actions, both good and bad; they must weigh necessity versus degrees of harm, and deal with their emotions about the harm they inevitably cause.

Another plus is that Dragon Blood focuses mostly on female characters, including the awesome Grandmother Yu Li Lei as a point of view character.

Though I don't think the previous book would be a good starting place for a reader new to the series, this one might be. Just be warned that the plot is driven by children in jeopardy; you don't actually see them in jeopardy until close to the end, though, and things work out okay.

CapClave 2017

Oct. 10th, 2017 08:22 am
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I spent my weekend visiting [personal profile] natlyn, and on Saturday we trekked out to CapClave. I had three panels, spaced throughout the day, which was nice; also lovely, all of my panels were all-female. I moderated the second and third.

My first panel, on Dr. Who, had a good moderator, and I survived quite well despite not being caught up on the last season. We speculated about some things we'd like to see in the new series with Chris Chibnall as showrunner.

We went to Ken Liu's Guest of Honor presentation next, which was really good; it was all about translation in general and his translating experiences in particular. We also attended Fran Wilde's and Carolyn Ives Gilman's readings.

The Wonder Woman panel had excellent panelists, including one in costume who lent me her sword to point out who got to ask the next question. The panel flowed beautifully, the audience had good comments, the moderator (me) didn't have much to do. Later in the day, someone told she'd enjoyed the panel.

I was starting to flag by the time of the Octavia Butler panel, and my pre-panel snack was not adequate. Luckily, more people had been added since the last time I'd checked the description, so we had a range of opinions and thoughts on themes in Butler's work, and her influence on the field and on readers and writers. The audience wasn't as active as I'd hoped, but the panelists were excellent and carried it, so I think it went well.

We had dinner with some of Natlyn's old friends, and spent the rest of our evening watching Vividcon DVDs.

(no subject)

Oct. 10th, 2017 05:26 am
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Deadwood rewatch has slowed down a bit because I keep falling asleep in the evenings, and M was off for Columbus Day yesterday, so I just left early for the office. And got so much done! So much easier to accomplish things before the Writing Center opens and I start needing to interact with people . . .

Does anyone here watch The Exorcist? Read more... ) this season we have *tah-dah* John Cho! Admittedly, there are all kinds of church-hierarchy conspiracies, so it's like the lovechild of The Exorcist and a Dan Brown novel, but hey, priests so slashy that even I see it . . .

Thoughts about writing: So I have started writing a historical mystery. And I'm having some lengthy thoughts, and I'll put up a cut, but I'd appreciate it if anyone is patient enough to read the following, because I don't really have anyone to talk to about this with: Read more... )

So yeah, I really need encouragement to keep going and I'm afraid I'll fizzle out. I've been telling nonfannish Real Life friends that I'm doing this (without all those details) hoping to embarrass myself into continuing. When it's so much easier to write something for AO3, where I might not get much attention, but even a couple of kudos or a comment is enough motivation to keep going.

And because my scholarship is turning more towards writing studies and less towards what I trained in, I'm also finding that writing something set in the 19th c, even if it's in the "wrong" country (I focused on the British novel in grad school) makes me feel engaged with that whole part of my life again.

Dear Yuletide Writer

Oct. 8th, 2017 11:16 pm
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Hello, my dear Yuletide writer!

This has been a very busy time at my work, so unfortunately, this letter is a placeholder; I'll add more details during the week.

Craft Sequence - Max Gladstone )

Machineries of Empire Series - Yoon Ha Lee )

Kalevala - Elias Lönnrot )

The Penumbra Podcast )

-- Gil

Side note: Love to you, my wonderful writer! Do what makes you happiest.

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