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At Nova Albion. Attendee Astra Kim, artist James Ng, and my intellectual partner-in-crime Jaymee Goh (with Viceroy Chang on her shoulder) all showing off their buttons with pride.

The musician Voltaire points to his Helping Hands button at The Anachronism II in NYC. We raised $220 in button sales that night!

Wow--less than one month into our fundraising period, and the Rising Phoenix fundraiser is already 2/3s of the way towards its initial goal of at least $1000. We've raised over $600 dollars so far -- and we have barely begun. My fundraising partners and I are thrilled and grateful for the continuous signal-boosting from everyone in the steampunk & anime communities.

In addition, people have been asking if there is a method of donating under the Rising Phoenix banner for amounts more than the cost of a button. Well, your generosity has been answered--you can now directly donate to our cause via the Rising Phoenix Volunteer Fundraiser page on Shelterbox. Just be sure to email me directly if you want to be added to our Rising Phoenix Circle page & to enter in the steampunk giveaway in September.

The convention season is now in full force. Almost every weekend from now until the end of May, I will be doing something steampunk-related for Beyond Victoriana.

After the jump is a recap of some upcoming places where myself and my fundraising partners at Button Me Up will be.

dmp: Taking a stroll in my finery (Default)
Click image to purchase from Button Me Up's Etsy Store.

A week and a half into our fundraiser, and the steampunk community has really been out there pushing our cause. Thank you to everyone who've signal-boosted our fundraiser on their blog, Twitter, Livejournal, website, through word of mouth, etc. I also want to thank the good congoers of Nova Albion who opened their hearts and their wallets to buy a button for Japan when I visited California last weekend.

Wondering about our progress so far? See that nifty button on the left-hand corner on the beyond Victoriana page with the golden Phoenix? That leads to our Rising Phoenix Circle page, which features a list of participants and the amount raised thus far.

Not only that, but I can start dropping some hints about the FREE STEAMPUNK GIVEAWAYS that are open to anyone who gets a button. Read on after the jump.


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